Fighting Against the Pandemic, Sending Warm to Teachers and Students: The School Working Team Strive to Guarantee the Smooth Operation of BNUBS
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Since the implementation of the first-level prevention and control method and closed management on campus, all the teachers and students of BNUBS have actively cooperated with the university's epidemic prevention policy, stuck to their posts online and offline, interpreted the firm belief of BNU people of loving and protecting the university with practical actions, and built the "safety barrier" of BNU's epidemic prevention and control with responsibility.Party SecretarySun Zhijun, Associate Secretary Ge Yuliang, Teacher Han Lili, Teacher Chang Xinyang, Teacher Wang Jun, Teacher LanRujia, Teacher Gao Jingjing made great sacrifices and decided to live in the campus to better protect the students and guarantee the smooth operation of the School. Students who work as assistant to teachers, including Zhang Huilin, Shi Huiyi, Chen Junyan, Li Yueqing, also stick to their posts in the Party office, the School Office and the Educational Affairs Office to ensure the orderly and stable development of the work during the special period.


During the staying of the campus, the working team has convened many thematic meetings, including the Party-Government Joint Extension meeting and meetings with counsellors, headteachers, student cadres, heads of the dormitory and graduates, to implement the requirements in the epidemic prevention and control as soon as possible and arrange properly for the students’ return, final examination and graduation.




Considering of students' psychological needs and special demands during the closure period, teachers visit all the students' dormitories in main teaching areas, and while caring for the students' daily life and study, they made a thoroughly investigation of the current situation.


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We all must pitch in for the fight against the pandemic. The teachers of BNUBS also participate in the nucleic acid testing volunteer service, and do a good job for the delivery of goods inside and outside the campus.Li Hai, Sun Yunchuan, CaiHongbo and other teachers of the college took the initiative to send Wang Shanmai, who is over 80 years old, to the school hospital for nucleic acid testing, which was a great help to Teacher Wang as he had difficulty in moving. Every head teacher also held a number of thematic class meetings to understand the current situation, the physical and mental conditions and actual needs of students in their study and daily life.








There will be sunny days after all the gloom day. We believe that with the united efforts of teachers and students, the shadow of the epidemic will dissipate, and we will surely win the battle against the epidemic and return to the right track of campus life as soon as possible!



Feelings of teachers:

Helping each other makes the world beautiful. I think this memory will always strike me whenever I look back. The meaning of being a teacher is probably that you need to be there whenever your students are in trouble. The work is hard as we need to follow the requirements of the university and do a good job in every task, but I feel encouraged and energetic when surrounded by my dear colleagues. And, I was touched many times during this period of time, by the cordial greetings of students, by the laughs and smiles in the playground at night and by the communications between working staff and students. We hope that we can be a great help to teachers and students and also that they can understand, support and cooperate with the epidemic prevention policies of BNU and higher authorities, and overcomedifficulties in the period of campus closure with a peaceful and happy attitude together, so that the epidemic can disperse early and we can return normal as soon as possible.



---Teacher Han Lili, Counsellor


After hearing that I could get into the campus, I immediately chose to stay in the campus and make my own contribution to ensuring students' school life and learning as well as school epidemic prevention in the familiar environment. By visiting dormitories, having heart-to-heart talks, participating in graduation parties, basketball games, dealing with relevant formalities and solving problems for students, I was very happy to see the smiling faces of students, while in the meantime having a hard time saying goodbye to the students who were about to graduate. Our life has indeed received some restrictions due to the epidemic prevention and control but we did need to follow the rules, report our situation on a daily bases and get nucleic acid testing. We have seen the sacrifices students have made and we believe that our life will return to normal soon. I also hoped that students, whether graduated or not, would always stand together with teachers and BNU to face difficulties and solve problems together, so as to build a better school in the 120th anniversary of BNU!


---Teacher Chang Yinyang, Counsellor


China's commitment to dynamic zero-clearance shows its respect for and protection of life and its commitment to people-centered principle.There are no "outsiders" or "bystanders" no matter inside and outside, online and offline. We need to unite ourselves,stay by each other’s side and fight together. Teachers and staff have all sacrificed a lot to protect the safety of the campus. As a counselor, I would try my best to deal with your problems and meet your legitimate needs. I believe that with our efforts, we will surely defeat the epidemic at an early date!

---Teacher Wang Jun, Counsellor



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Edited by Han Lili

Reviewed by Sun Zhijun