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Guest Professors

Guest Professors


Cai Jiming
Cai Jiming, Director of the Research Center for Political Economics, Tsinghua University. His main research interests are comparative research on Marxist economics and western economics, value and income distribution theory, land rent theory, land system and urbanization.

Carlos Augusto CandeoFontanini

Dr. Fontanini graduated from the School of Business Administration of the State University of Parana- UNESPAR in 1992. In 2014, he received a PhD degree in Education from PUCPR. Dr. Fontanini teaches economics courses in the Business school of Curitiba Campus, Pontifical Catholic University of Parana. He is also the director of the Brazilian Economics and Education Exam Center. Dr. Fontaninibecame the Business School dean of the Pontifical Catholic University of Parana since 2007. In 2014, he became the director of the international accreditation center at the Business School of PUCPR. Currently, he is devoted to research on teacher education problems in the social economy view.


Christine Wong (Huang Peihua)

Christine Wong (Huang Peihua), Director of the Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies at the University of Melbourne. Main research fields: China’s public finance, central - local relationsand influences on government management, economic development and social welfare.

Dong Xiaoyuan
Dong Xiaoyuan, Professor at the University of Winnipeg, Canada; Director of the training program on the research of female economists. Her main research interest is development economics.

Fransois Bourguignon
Fransois Bourguignon, former vice president of the World Bank. He has been the director of the Paris School of Economics. His research interests are income distribution, tax, etc.

Friedrich Bock
Friedrich Bock, senior consultant and professor at Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

Graciela Chichilnsky
Graciela Chichilnsky, professor at Columbia University. She was the draft writer for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and Kyoto Protocol. Her main research interests are climate change, international trade and finance.

Henry Levin

Henry Levin is the William Heard Kilpatrick Professor of Economics and Education at Teachers College, Columbia University, and Director of the National Center for the Study of Privatization in Education, a nonpartisan entity. His main research interest is economics of education.

Professor Levin's Biography Page

James Heckman

James Heckman is the 2000 Nobel Laureate in Economics, Professor at Harris School of Public policy, University of Chicago. His main research interests are education, job training programs, minimum wage legislation, anti-discrimination legislation, tax influence on education and training choice, and the structure of general equilibrium model and estimation.  

Professor Heckman's Biography Page

           Jatinderbir Singh

Dr. Jatinderbir Singh is currently the Business School Dean of Delhi University. He has over 25 years of teaching experience in Delhi University. He is a keen researcher and is known for his studies on New Commodity Futures Market. In the rising period of research on Agricultural Futures Market, he is the first person in India who received a doctorate degree in this field. He is also a consultant for the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and National Commodity and Derivative Exchange (NCDEX). When he was a senior consultant for the Institute of Commodity Research (NICR) at NCDEX, he led the research on Agricultural Futures Market, organized a seminar on Commodity Futures Market and initiated aninternational journal on Commodity Futures studies.He published various articles in well-known Journals such as the“Review of Futures Markets” and presented his research results at home and abroad.

Jim Psaros
Jim Psaros, associate dean of the School of Business and Law, University of Newcastle. He is a specialist in the field of corporate governance in Australia.

John Knight

Prof. John Knight, Honor Professor of Oxford University, has served as director of the Oxford Institute of Statistics and Economic University and the economics department. His main research areas are labor market, human capital, poverty and income distribution problems, which is mainly related to China and the African countries. As to now, his has about 100 articles published in AER and other top international journals.


John Whalley

John Whalley is the Professor of Economics at University of Western Ontario. His main research interests are general equilibrium, trade, public economics, and development economics.

Professor Walley’s Biography Page:

Lin Boqiang
Lin Boqiang, Director of the China Center for Energy Economics Research, Distinguish Professor of “Changjiang Scholars”. His main research interest is energy economy.

Maxim A. Ponomarev

Dr. Ponomarevholds a PhD degree in Economics from the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.He is currently the Management School Dean of this university. Dr. Ponomarevis also a member of the Russian Federal Ministry of Education and Science - Career Development Work Committee for university graduates and young people, a member of the methodology committee at the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, and an editorial board member of the International Journal “LitteraScripta”.Dr. Ponomarev has published over 80 scientific articles, and lead 5 research programs on management and higher education.Dr. Ponomarevhas a strong international vision and rich experiencesin aspects such as International Management and Management Modernization.

           Nikolay Filinov-Chernyshev

Dr. Nikolay received his PhD degree on Quantitative Methodology Management from the Skolkovo Moscow School of Management in 1981. He became the Business Administration School Dean of the Russian National Research University—Higher School of Economics since 2006. He is also a member of the Academy of Management (AMO), the American Society for International Business, a board member of the American Association of International Business and Technology, and the editorial board member of the “Management and Organization Review”. Dr. Nikolay has published over 70 articles; completed the biggest teaching material service project in Russia’s management development program and promoted the establishment of 17 training modules for managers. Dr. Nikolay has a strong international vision and rich experiences in the aspect of management training. He has worked in many countries, such as Belgium, the Netherlands, Finland and USA.


Pan Jiahua
Pan Jiahua, Director of the Sustainable Development Research Center, CASS. His main research interests are environmental economics, global change and world economy, low carbon economy.

Peter P. Mueller
Peter P. Mueller, executive director at GMBP, and member of AIESEC advisory committee. His research interests are corporate strategy, organizational development, marketing, IT, etc.


           Richard B. Freeman

Prof. Freeman will lay out the Giant Leap Forward in Science and Engineering, then examine indicators of innovativeness, and turn to the question of applying sci-tech innovation in rural areas. He has ideas and some examples about how availability of highway and modern transportation+mobile phone can combine with agriculture research to improve rural China and ways some a bit of reverse migration from urban to rural could help raise innovation in rural areas and improve incomes.

Song Xiaowu
Song Xiaowu, Chair of the Research Center for China system reform; Director of the China Income Distribution Research Center; Member of China Economy Forum. His main research interests are the state-owned enterprise reform, labor and social security reform, employment and income distribution reform.

Stephen Nicholas
Stephen Nicholas, professor and Vice Chancellor of Newcastle University. His main research interests are new institutional economics, foreign direct investment in developing countries, subsidiary restructuring, and international business strategy.

Terry Sicular

Dr. Sicular is a Professor and Undergraduate Program Director of theEconomics Department of the University of Western Ontario. Dr. Sicular is also the Co-Director of the Centre for Study of International Economic Relations (CSIER). Research Interests: China’s Economy, Developing Economies, Income Distribution, Inequality and Poverty.Teaching Fields: Economics of Developing Countries, China’s Economic Development.

Thomas Piketty
Thomas Piketty, professor at the Paris School of Economics. He is a French economist who works on wealth and income inequality. He is the author of the best-selling book Capital in the Twenty-First Century (2013), which emphasizes the themes of his work on wealth concentrations and distribution over the past 250 years. He was awarded Yrjö Jahnsson by the European Economic Association.

Wu Jinglian
Wu Jinglian, senior researcher in the Development Research Center of the State Council, Professor of Economics in Baosteel at CEIBS. His main research interests are theory and policy of China’s economic reform, theoretical economics, analysis on comparative institutions, and modern corporate governance.

Xia Bin
Xia Bin, Director of Finance Research Institute, the Development Research Center of the State Council. His main research interest is the macro financial policy.

Yin Yanlin
Yin Yanlin, Director of the Central Financial and Economic Office. His main duties are annual economic plan making, economic situation analysis, and study on macro policy.

Yu Zhongfu
Yu Zhongfu, Researcher in the Laboratory of Beijing Municipal Committee. His main research interests are regional development, decision-making and strategy.


Zhang Yuyan
Zhang Yuyan, Director of the Institute of World Economy and Politics, CASS. His main research interests are international politics economics, institutional economics and public choice theory.

Peter P. Mueller
Peter P. Mueller, executive director at GMBP, and member of AIESEC advisory committee. His research interests are corporate strategy, organizational development, marketing, IT, etc.