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About Us

About BNU Business School


The Business School at Beijing Normal University is a relatively young but fast-developing school. Established in 1979, the School has achieved over three decades of sustained growth and evolution in tandem with the unprecedented economic growth of China.


The school aims to strengthen and solidify its practice as a leading institution for talent training and scientific research within China’s economics and business management disciplines, following the school's motto of “Promoting Business and Humanism to Serve the Nation and the World.” Students enrolled in the School must meet exceptionally stringent entrance requirements that match the level of excellence demanded of them by the School and by the University.


The School offers a wide range of learning opportunities, providing students with the knowledge and analytical tools to enable them to integrate successfully in all economic and business sectors, and to pursue academic research in related areas. The School consists of seven departments and six research institutes, spanning a full spectrum of economics and management disciplines. Additionally, students are always welcomed to enroll in courses across the university if they want to pursue studies in other fields.


Students in BNU Business School also have a choice of established exchange programs with our partner universities worldwide to enrich their study experience and expand their horizons in the fast-paced international business environment. Graduates of the School are expected to develop an innovative, creative and global orientation, the ability to analyze complex problems in practice, and the capability to implement their decisions under complicated, often uncertain conditions.


There are 77 full-time faculty members in the school with more than 20 honorary and visiting professors. Our faculty and staff members are always engaged in helping our students to better equip themselves with knowledge and thinking skills to meet the challenges of the real world. Meanwhile, our faculty are also actively committed to quality research. Their works are regularly published in leading international journals, and their opinions are influential in China's  national policy discourse.


At present, the School has joined the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD), as well as other international organizations and business school alliances, to officially launch the EQUIS international accreditation process in 2012. Students and faculty are working enthusiastically and confidently to meet the challenge and accomplish the goal of becoming a top-tier educational institution worldwide.