Our School Won Many Awards in the 2022-2023 School Year Student and Counselor Commendation Conference
Time :2024-01-04

On December 29, the 2022-2023 Academic Year Student and Counselor Commendation Conference was held in Yingdong Academic Hall. Li Xiaobing, Associate Secretary of the Party Committee, the Organization Department of the Party Committee, the Department of Educational Affairs, the Student Work Department of the Party Committee and the responsible comrades of the School Youth League Committee attended the conference.

The conference read out the commendation decisions of the various awards and the list of winners. In the teachers' advanced collective and individual awards, our School won the "Student Work Advanced Collective" and "Red Flag Youth League Committee" in the 2022-2023 academic year. Han Lili, Associate Secretary of the Party Committee of our School, won the "Advanced Individual in Student Work" and "Advanced Individual in Conscription Work" in the 2022-2023 academic year.Chang Xinyang, Secretary of the Youth League Committee, won the "Hongde Counselor" and "Excellent Secretary of the Youth League Committee". Gao Jingjing won the "Excellent Contact Person in Conscription Work", and Li Rong won the "Employment Model". Nine teachers, including Zhang Haiyan and Tang Honghong, were awarded "Excellent Counselors".

In the evaluation of students' advanced collective and individual awards, the Finance undergraduate class of our college in 2021 won the "Beijing Advanced Class Collective" in 2023. Qin Ruiyi won the "Top Ten College Students". Zhou Meitong won the "Top Ten College Students Nomination Award". Li Yingjue won the "Self-improvement Star Nomination Award" and "Self-improvement Star Popularity Award". Bao Hao won the "Top Ten Edelweiss Emissaries", "Most popular Edelweiss Emissaries" and "most touching Edelweiss Emissaries".

Han Lili, AssociateSecretary of the Party Committee of our School, made an exchange speech at the meeting as an award-winning representative of the student work advanced collective.She recounted BNUBS is committed to training future economists, management scientists and entrepreneurs with the quality of "four good teachers". Over the past year, we have built the foundation of the system, improved the quality of the path, and forged the soul of the brand. We have gained a series of theoretical achievements and practical brands in the aspects of comprehensively constructing the working mechanism of ideological guidance, taking multiple measures to ensure the all-round development of students, and integrating knowledge and action to highlight the characteristics of economic management of Normal University.

In the future, the staff of BNUBS will continue to be guided by the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congressand the spirit of the 14th Party Congress of the School, to temper outstanding character, maintain good spirits in struggling, and strive to be good BNUers.

Provided by Party Committee Office

Edited by Kang Haoran

Reviewed byHan Lili