BNUBS Held the 2023 Annual Summary And Debriefing Conference
Time :2023-12-28

On December 27, 2023, the 2023 annual summary and team debriefing conference of BNUBS was held in the small lecture hall of the complex Building of G District, Changping Campus of Beijing Normal University. The members of the Party and government team of the School respectively summarized and reported the work of 2023.

The meeting was presided over by Dean Qi Yudong.

Secretary Sun Zhijun first reported on the work of the Party Committee of the School and the performance of personal duties.In 2023, the Party Committee of the School intensively studied and propagated the implementation of the Xi Jinping Thought onSocialism with Chinese Characteristics in the new era and the spirit of the Party's 20th Congress, implemented the Party's line, principles and policies and various decisions and arrangements at the higher level, solidly carried out the theme education of learning and implementing the Xi JinpingThought onSocialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era, deeply understood the great significance of "Two Affirmations", and constantly strengthened the "Four Consciousnesses", "Four-sphere Confidence", and resolutely achieve "Two Upholds ".We adhered to democratic centralism, implemented the rules of procedure for Party committee meetings and Party-government joint meetings, and strengthened the standardization of community-level Party organizations. We have fulfilled the principal responsibility of Party building, strictly implemented the ideological work responsibility system, observed the bottom line, prevented risks, and established mechanisms, and strengthened the management of various ideological positions and the security and stability of the School.We have carried out a series of activities of teacher theory learning and teacher ethics education, insisting that teacher ethics is the first and development-oriented, and built a high-quality teaching and teaching team sustainable development system of "small but fine and manpower efficient".

Associate Dean Zhang Pingdan reported the School graduate and doctoral personnel training work. In 2023, the School has urged and promoted the implementation of the new version of the training program, completed the periodic qualification assessment of the program with high quality, excellently completed the undergraduate college entrance examination recruitment publicity, undergraduate admission exemption, academic master's degree examination and re-examination, and academic doctoral degree application review, and made every effort to promote the quality of talent training, and steadily promoted the retirement of ultra-long-term graduate students. Great achievements have been made in personnel training.

Associate Dean Cui Xuegang reported the work of MBA education, international certification, internal control and so on. In order to cope with the multi-faceted challenges facing MBA education, the School adhered to the principle of seeking progress while maintaining stability, improved the MBA platform and digital education model, gave full play to the "Four Central Functions" of MBA talent training, subject experimentation, resource pooling and practical connection, and made new breakthroughs with the key words of industry-learning combination, innovation and entrepreneurship, national teacher seminars and fine management. The quality of MBA education and brand influence were constantly improving. In terms of international certification, the AACSB Accreditation work was promoted in a comprehensive and orderly manner, and the operation mechanism of the learning guarantee system was clarified. The School continuously strengthened the construction of internal control, updated the standards according to the actual situation, and further improved the ability to deal with risks.

Associate Dean CaiHongbo made a summary report on the work of discipline construction, scientific research and internationalization. In terms of scientific research, the publication of papers has maintained a high level of development, the project has achieved a lot of results, and the number and quality of academic activities have increased. International exchanges and cooperation have diversified and accelerated to a higher level. The work of the post-doctoral mobile station has developed deeply and achieved certain breakthroughs.

Associate Secretary Jiang Jie reported on the teachers' work in party building, ideological and political affairs, discipline inspection, trade union work and financial technology professional construction. We have adhered to the normalization and institutionalized management of teachers' ethics and style education, strengthened the construction of teachers' branches, and carried out organized curriculum thinking and politics. The construction of teaching staff has continued to make efforts to help the steady progress of teacher talent. The trade union has actively carried out various activities to optimize the use of trade union activity room space, expand functions, and enrich the spare time life of faculty and staff. We held the third High-Level Forum on the Development of Financial Technology and Digital Economy, hired the second batch of financial technology tutors, and made new achievements in professional construction.

Associate Secretary Han Lili made a detailed report on student work, alumni work and daily administrative work. In terms of student work, we have implemented the "Three Wide " education, strengthened overall planning, supported by the Party and government, and deeply participated in the whole school. We highlighted value leadership and ability improvement, promoted the deep integration of party building with studies, scientific research, social practice, volunteer service, etc., innovated the carrier of party building, and enhanced organizational vitality. We have focused on three education projects, and the work of academic counseling, career development, and psychological counseling has been steadily promoted. The School, staff team, students and student organizations have received a number of honorable mentions. Alumni work continued to be carried out through updating the alumni address book, building academic alumni groups, holding alumni forums and alumni interviews to continue the spirit of management. In terms of administrative work, skills training has been carried out, and the professional level has been continuously improved.

Dean Qi Yudong made a comprehensive summary of the administrative work in 2023. In terms of politics and ideology, the School adhered to the guidance of the thought of socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a new era and the spirit of the Party's 20th Congress, and in accordance with the spirit of the 14th Party Congress of the school, closely focused on the work of the education and teaching center, based on the work position, solidly performed its duties and strives for innovation.In the discipline construction, we have made beneficial exploration in the digital curriculum and curriculum digital construction; In education and teaching, we promote practical teaching and case teaching; In scientific research, we pay attention to projects, books, research reports, teaching materials, papers, awards and other aspects; At the social service meeting, important achievements have been made in the construction of think tanks, horizontal projects, and social part-time jobs. In international exchanges, we have made important breakthroughs with high-level cooperative universities; In terms of administration, we have actively promoted efficient and caring service, and the satisfaction of teachers and students is constantly improved, and the cohesion of alumni is constantly strengthened. Qi also pointed out the shortcomings of the past year's work, and called on the faculty to work harder in 2024, starting from the characteristics of the School and innovative work, and strive to achieve new achievements in the development of various undertakings.

After the meeting, all the faculty members of the School party and government team and members made democratic assessment from five aspects of morality, ability, diligence, performance and integrity.

Provided by Party Committee Office, School Office

Edited by Zhang Panyan, Wang Jun, Wang Wei

Reviewed by Sun Zhijun