BNUBS Held the 2024 New Year Party
Time :2023-12-29

Reviewing the past and summarizing the achievements of the School in one year; Looking forward to the future and forging ahead with a new journey with a new look. On December 27, 2023, BNUBS held the 2024 New Year Party in the small lecture hall of the Coompresive Building of G District, Changping Campus of Beijing Normal University. All faculty and staff attended the event.

Dean Qi Yudong delivered a New Year message. He thanked the teachers for their hard work over the past year. He pointed out that the century of change in 2023 will accelerate the evolution. Under the leadership of the School and the Party Committee of the School, all the faculty and staff of the School, with the spirit mind of patriotism, have always pushed forward, resonated with the motherland, and made certain achievements in various aspects. He called on all faculty and staff to always be guided by the spirit of the Party's 20th Congress and the spirit of the 14th Party Congress of the University, to continue to forge ahead in 2024 and open a new chapter in the construction of the School.

The activities was hosted by Yang Dan from the Department of Accounting and Xu Zhixing from the Department of Human Resources Management.

Accompanied by dynamic music, 13 teachers from the Dance Association brought a hot dance series for everyone, igniting the passion of the audience. The collective poetry recitation "Looking Back 20 Years, Moving Together Towards the Future" brought by all the teachers of the Accounting Department reviewed the struggle of the accounting department in the past 20 years, and expressed their confidence in promoting the high-quality development of the accounting profession. All the teachers of the Department of Human Resources Management sang the cheerful song "The Most Dazzling National Wind" for everyone, once again igniting the enthusiasm of all the teachers. The poem recitation "I Love to Work" by all the teachers of the student work office showed the student-oriented work idea with humorous sentences, which drew bursts of laughter from the field. The song "Ten Miles of Spring Breeze", sung by the student affairs assistant, made the on-site teachers feel like spring breeze and filled the venue with the warmth of youth.

In addition to passion, there are scenes of happiness. "With wholehearted enthusiasm, I stand on the podium to teach students all my life" Di Chengfeng, a retired teacher of the school in 2023, shared his 43-year friendship with Beijing Normal University as a representative, and expressed his gratitude and blessing to BNUBS and all the teachers. In the past three years, many teachers of the School have got married, and many teachers have given birth to daughters and children. By broadcasting these happy moments of teachers and their children, teachers can fully felt the warmth and happiness from their families and colleagues. The School took this opportunity to prepare a blessing cake for all teachers, wishing everyone health and happiness.

In addition to moving and happiness, there is endless joy. In the "Connecting Heart" game, the department directors and the heads of the department decided the order of the game appearance by beating the drum and passing the flowers. Each department would have 4 people on the stage, where 2 people responsible for the performance and description and 2 people responsible for guessing the word. The vocabulary includes domestic and foreign economists, management scientists, important nouns in economics and management, names of school leaders and teachers commended by the school this year, as well as idioms and poems related to "dragon". The teachers went out of their way to help their teammates guess all the words. After intense competition, the team from the Department of Finance answered 13 words correctly in 150 seconds and won the first place. The teachers who participated in the game also received oranges donated by Xu Meng, a 2019 MBA graduate of the School and founder of the Lion Run Team. In the "Heart to Heart" game, the teachers danced around the table to follow the music, and when the music stopped, they fought for the Dragon Year commemorative doll in the middle, and the teacher who failed to grab the doll would be disqualified until the final winner is produced. In the end, Cao Siwei from the Department of Economics and Li Ran from the Department of Digital Economy and Management won the first place in two categories.

Besides, teachers also get unexpected happiness. This lottery link set up 2 "JingbangAward" and 9 "HongwenAward". The "Jingbang Award" was selected and awarded by Sun Zhijun, Party secretary of the School, and Qi Yudong, Dean of the School. The "Hongwen Award" is selected and awarded by the department directors, department heads and retired teacher representatives.In the end, Xu Zhixing from the Department of Human Resources Management and Zhang Li from the MBA Education Center won the Jingbang Award. Sun Zhijun and He Haoran from the Department of Economics, Li Rui from the Department of Finance, Lu Zhaode from the Department of Accounting, Fok Qihong from the MBA Education Center, Shang Yihong from the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, Duan Lingzhi from the Office of Finance, Li ANI from the Office of Alumni Work, and Shi Huiyi from the Office of Student Work won the "Hongwen Award".

The party ended with a group song, the "Dear Family". As the lyrics say, "Because we are a family, a family that loves each other, we should share the blessings, we should share the difficulties, and we should exchange our mutual knowledge for everlasting life." We have created the glory of 2023 with hard work and struggle. In 2024, the staff will continue to work together, adhere to the integrity of innovation, create the future, follow the instructions, and make unremitting efforts to build a first-class economic management School with cultural heritage and international influence!

Provided by Party Committee Office, School Trade Union

Edited by Wang Jun

Reviewed by Jiang Jie