Professor Cai Hongbo, Teacher of International Trade Department of Our School, Published a Paper on JWB, a Top Journal in the Field of International Business
Time :2020-12-07


Recently, professor Cai Hongbo, Professor of BNUBS, Professor Meng Yinghua, Professor of Shanghai University of International Business and Economics, and Professor Chakraborty, Professor of Suparna, University of San Francisco, co-authored a paper titled "Migrants and Exports: Decomaborty the Link", which was formally accepted for publication in the top Journal of World Business.


Journal of World Business, founded in 1965 and formerly known as Columbia Journal of World Business, is now a top journal in the field of International Business. It is a four-star journal recognized by ABS, with an annual publication volume of 68 articles and five-year impact factor of 6.774.


About the article:

Cai Hongbo, Meng Yinghua, Suparna Chakraborty (corresponding author), Migrants and Exports: Decomposing the Link, Journal of World Business, Special Issue (Global Migrants: Understanding the Implications for International Business and Management).


Brief introduction of the article:

Current research finds that migration and trade are positively correlated on the aggregate. In this paper, we argue that the relationship is non-uniform and show that the extent of integration of migrants into the host country and the existing exporting opportunities at home significantly explain the extent to which migrants affect trade. Our analysis of 50,000 Chinese exporters and migrants in 205 nations reveal that less-integrated migrants drive home exports, while privately owned and remotely located exporters with limited resources or external connections benefit more from migration. Further, we show that migrants significantly boost export revenue aiding long term sustainability.


Provided by International Trade Department