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WAN Haiyuan

Haiyuan WAN  Ph.D., Associate Professor

Date of birth:Nov, 1984


Native Place:Jiangxi province


Department of  Economics,Business School, Beijing Normal University

Beijing 100875, China

Tel: ; Fax: 01058802941


Ph.D. in  University of Lyon, France

Ph.D. in  Beijing Normal University, China


Work Experience

2012.7    National Development and Reform Comission, China

2016.6    Beijing Normal University, China

Research Interests

Wealth Inequality

Courses Taught

Macro Economics (Undergraduate), Development Economics (Graduate)

Professional Societies/Activities

Research fellow in GATE, France

Research fellow in AMR, NDRC, China

Senior fellow, China Labor Association


Research Projects

1)20182019, NDRC. Expansion of Middle Class, Principal of the Project.

2)20172018, NDRC. The Distribution Effect of Public Policy, Principal of the Project.

3)20162017, NDRC. Chinas Labor Cost, Principal of the Project.

4)2015-2017, NDRC, Current Wealth Distribution in China, Principal of the Project.

5)20142017,National Social Science Foundation. Income Inequality and Public Policy, Principal of the Project.

6)20142015, NDRC. Current Poverty Reduction Strategies, Principal of the Project.


MainJournal Articles

1)The Myth of Rising Labor Cost in China, Economist Journal, January, 2017.

2)The Agricultural Tax Abolishment Program and On-farm Labour Time in Rural China , World Scientific, June, 2016

3)Rural Finance and Village Income Distribution in China, Management World, December, 2015.

4)Evolution of Wealth Inequality in China, China Economic Journal, Volume 8. Issue 3, 2015.

5)Literature Review of Wealth Inequality in China, Labor Economics Review, May, 2015.

6)Yuan and Roubles: Comparing Wage Determination in Urban China and Russia at the Beginning of the New Millennium (with Bjorn Gustafsson, Li Shi, Ludmila Nivorozhkina), China Economic Review, Nov., 2014.

7)Institutional Labour Market Segmentation in China (with Li Shi), Business and Public Administration Studies, 2014, Vol.8, No. 1

8)Payments for Ecological Restoration and Rural Labor Migration in China (with Sylvie Demurger). IZA Journal of Migration, July, 2013, pp.717-735.

9)The Mystery of China's High Demand for Housing: Based on the Demographic Characteristics (with Li Chao). Economic Research, 2015(7).

10) Labour Market Cultivation and Middle-income Trap Escape (with Li Shi). Economic Research, 2014(4).

11)The Effects of Household Registration System Discrimination on Urban-rural Income Inequality in China, Economic Research, 2013(9).

12)The Participation Decision of Sloping Land Conversion Program for Peasants (with Li Chao), Statistical Research, 2013(8).

13)Improving the Accuracy of Estimating the Gini Coefficient in China (with Li Shi), Economics Information, 2013(2).

14)The Identification of Poor Disabilities and Evaluation of Anti-poverty Policies in China, in Chinese Journal of Population Science, April.2011.



1)Public Policy and Income Inequality in China: an Empirical Analysis, Economic Literature Press, Nov, 2017.

2)Urbanization and Labour Migration in China (with Li Chao), Guangdong People Press, July, 2014.


Working Papers

1)The Increasing Wealth Inequality in China, 2019

2)The Effect of Minimum Wage on Wage Growth and Its Distribution in China, 2019

3)Inheritance Tax and Wealth Distribution in China, January, 2018

4)Migrate for Education: Compulsory Education Policy for Migrants Children and Labor Migration in China, February, 2018

5)Minimum Wage and Employment Structure in China, Aug, 2018

6)The Evolution of Wealth Inequality in China, Aug, 2019