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DI Chengfeng

DI Chengfeng PhD, Associate Professor
Native Place: Hunan
Department of Economics
Business School, Beijing Normal University
Beijing 100875, China
Tel: 58807847
2006 PhD
1984-1987 Master
1980-1984 Bachelor
Work Experience
1987.7 - present BNU Business School
1996.9 - 1997.9 University of Glasgow, UK - Visiting Scholar
Research Interests
History of Economic Thoughts, Development Economics
Courses Taught
Modern Western Economics (Undergraduate)
Macroeconomics (Undergraduate)
Microeconomics (Undergraduate)
History of Economic Thoughts of Foreign Countries (Undergraduate)
Development Economics (Bilingual) (Undergraduate)
History of Economic Thoughts (Graduate)
Development Economics (English) (WEC Master’s Program)
• Main Journal Articles
  • [CH] Contemporary Labor Value Theories. Journal of Beijing Normal University. 1989, (6).
  • [CH]Analysis of the Capitalist Private Ownership “Transition” Theory. Journal of Beijing Normal University. Supplementary Issue of 1992.
  • [CH]GATT will Soon Implement its “Exit Strategy”, Where does that Leave China? China Science and Technology Information. 1994, (7-8).
  • [CH]Current Situations and Reasons of the Wealth Gap in US. Journal of Beijing Normal University. 1996, (1).
  • [CH]The Inevitable Choice of China’s Agriculture. China Science and Technology Information.1996, (6).
  • [CH] How do Chinese People Feed Themselves. China Science and Technology Information. 1996, (6).
  • [CH]Dynamics Analysis of Scientific and Technological Cooperation in Asian-Pacific Regions. Future and Development. 1996, (6).
  • [CH] The Chinese Research Society of Foreign Economic Theories – Symposium Summary.Economic Perspectives. 1999, (7).
  • [CH] China’s Competitiveness in Science and Technology.China Soft Science. 2001, (1).
  • [CH] Economic Analysis on the Development of India’s Software Industry.Journal of Beijing Normal University.2004, (1).
  • [CH] Economic Development Path Comparison of China and India Since the 1990’s. Journal of Beijing Normal University.2006, (3).
• Books
  • [CH]Modern Western Economics(Co-author),Inner-Mongolia University Press. 1993.8.
  • [CH]How to do Business with British People?(Co-author), Beijing University of Technology Press. 1994.1.
  • [CH]Finance Capital(Written by Hilferding, R.)(Co-translator), The Commercial Press. 1994.6. Reprinted in 2008.
  • [CH]Theories of Income Distribution(Edited by Asimakopulos, A.) (Co-translator),The Commercial Press. 1995.8.
  • [CH]Western Economics (National Adult Higher Education Planned Textbook) (Co-author), Guangdong Higher Education Press. 1999.8.
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