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GONG Jianghui

GONG Jianghui  Ph.D.  Associate Professor  
Native Place:Nanchang, Jiangxi
Department of Marketing
Business School, Beijing Normal University
Beijing 100875, China
Tel: (8610)58807847; Fax:(8610)58801868
Ph.D. in Management, Institute of Industrial Economics of Cass
Master in Economics, School of Statistics, Renmin University of China
Bachelor in Planned Economy, School of Economics, Renmin University of China  
Work Experience  
July,1992-September, 1995 Party School of Jiangxi of CCYL  
1998- Beijing Normal University  
Research Interests  
Sampling Survey
Courses Taught  
Application of Social Survey Methods(Undergraduate)
Advanced Statistical Analysis(Postgraduate)
Social Survey Methods (Postgraduate)
Statistical Decision Basis and Methods(MBA)
Professional Societies/Activities  
Adjunct Researcher of Leisure Economy Research Center, Renmin University of China  
Social Service/Work  
Adjunct Researcher of Industry & New Media, Development Research Center of CCTV  
Research Projects  
  • July 2004, CCTV, Management Research of China’s Television Program.
  • July 2004, CCTV, Tracking and Comparative Study of Chinese and Foreign Television
  • August 2004,CCTV, Management Rules and Regulations Revision and Data Processing of CCTV.
  • December 2010,CCTV, Network Influence Research of CCTV’sBrand Image.
  • December 2012,Hebei Travel and Tourism Administration, Establishment of Tourism Satellite Account of Hebei Province in 2009.
  • December 2013,Beijing Federation of Social Science Circles, The Research of Present Situation of Beijing Residents Humane Quality and Strategy of Social Sciences Knowledge Pervasion.
  • July 2014, Hebei Travel and Tourism Administration, Contribution Degree of Hebei Tourism Industry in 2013.
  • September 2015, Hebei Travel and Tourism Administration, Contribution Degree of Hebei Tourism Industry in 2014.
  • November 2015, Hebei Travel and Tourism Administration, Contribution Degree of Hebei Tourism Industry in 2015.
• Main Journal Articles
  • Economic Application in Law, Law Science, No.3 1994.
  • Price Index of Heterogeneous Goods and Hedonic Method, China Statistics, No.4 1996.
  • Judgment Question of Horizon Company Case and Discussion of Characteristics of Research Industry and Business Ethics, Law Science, No.11 1999.
  • Several Suggestions about the Development of Internet Survey, Statistics Research, No.4 2000.
  • Core Capability of Enterprise Trap Analysis, Modern Management Science, No.5 2006.
  • The new development of Enterprise Investment Decision Theory, East China Economic Management, No.6 2006.
  • The Dilemma and Outlet of Urban Household Survey, China Statistics, No.1 2007.
  • From TV Channel Specialization to Personalization, TV Research, No.2 2008.
  • The Amendment of Degree of Dependence upon Foreign Trade Using Input-Output Table, China National Conditions and Strength, No.5 2008.
  • Analysis of Determining Factors of Beijing Housing Price and Related Policy Proposals, Social Sciences of Beijing, No.1 2009.
  • Research of Online Community Members’ Loyalty Based On Survival Analysis, No.3 2009.
  • Survey Report of Time Distribution of Life In Urban and Rural Areas, The World of Survey and Research, No.4 2009.
  • Analysis of Easterlin Paradox in the Measurement of Happiness, China Statistics, No.4 2014.
• Books
           Business survey Practice, Economic Science Press, 2000th.
           Competitive Intelligence, China Prices Press, 2000th.
           Survey Program Design, China Financial & Economic Publishing House, 2007th.