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JIAO Hao  Ph.D., Associate Professor
Native Place: Henan
Department of Strategic Management
Business School, Beijing Normal University
Beijing 100875, China
Tel: 86-10-58800662
EducationPh.D. in Management, Fudan University
Master in Management, Zhejiang University
Bachelor in Management, Henan University
Research Interests
Corporate Governance
International Business
Human Resource Management
Courses Taught
Strategy (Undergraduate, Master and MBA)
Professional Societies/Activities
Technological Forecasting and Social Change (Editorial Review Board)
Journal of Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies (Editorial Review Board)
Research Projects
  • Ministry of Education, Humanities and Social Science projects, China. “ Empirical Research on Construction Path for Dynamic Capabilities in Transnational Corporations: based on Distributive Innovation”, China (Grant No. 12YJC630076; In Charge)
  • Soft Science Research for Doctorial dissertation Sponsored Program by Shanghai Science and Technological Development Funding (Grant No. 200906004; In Charge).
  • Construction Mechanism of Dynamic Capabilities and Social Capital: Based on the Perspective of Six Forces Interaction Model, NSFC, China. (Grant No. 70672044; Participant)
• Main Journal Articles
  • Jiao, H., Koo, K. C. Wang, Q. & Xu, S. 2015. High Impact Strategy Research by Overseas Chinese Scholars in Leading Business Journals: 1991-2011. Asia Pacific Journal of Management. Vol. 32 No. 4.
  • Jiao, H., Koo, K. C. Cui, Y., & Chen, J. 2015. Who are More Sensitive to Procedural Fairness? The Impact of an Innovation Implementation Approach, Employees’ Status Concerns and Need for Control. Technological Analysis & Strategic Management. Vol. 27 No. 6.
  • Jiao, H., Koo, K. C. & Cui, Y.. 2014. Legal Environment, Government Effectiveness and Firms' Innovation in China: Examining the Moderating Influence of Government Ownership. Technological Forecasting and Social Change. Vol. 96.
  • Jiao, H.& Zhao, G. 2014. Why Would Employees be supposed to Embrace Managers’ Technological Innovation? The Mediating Effects of Technology Acceptance and Legitimacy on Employees’ Perception of Justice. Journal of Product Innovation Management. Vol. 31 No. 4.
  • Jiao, H., Alon, I., Koo, K. C., & Cui, Y. 2013. When Should Organizational Change Be Implemented? The Moderating Effect of Environmental Dynamism on Dynamic Capabilities and New Venture Performance. Journal of Engineering and Technology Management, Vol. 30 No. 2.
  • Jiao, H., & Zhu, Y. 2013. Can Firms Build an Innovation-oriented Culture in Turbulent Environments? Academy of Management Perspectives. Vol. 27 No. 3.
  • Zhu, S., & Jiao, H. * 2013. Organizational Structure and Corporate Performance: Insights from 6065 Listed Corporations. Chinese Management Studies, Vol. 7 No. 4. (*Corresponding Author)
  • Jiao, H. 2011. A Conceptual Model for Social Entrepreneurship Directed toward Social Impact in Society. Social Enterprise Journal, Vol. 7 No. 2.
  • Jiao, H., & Robinson, A. 2011, Building International Entrepreneurship through Entrepreneurship Capital Perspective. African Journal of Business and Management, Vol. 5 No. 21.
  • Jiao, H., Alon, I., & Cui, Y. 2011, Environmental Dynamism, Innovation and Dynamic Capabilities: the Case of China. Journal of Enterprising Communities, Vol. 5 No. 2.
  • Cui, Y., & Jiao, H.* 2011, Dynamic Capabilities, Strategic Stakeholder Alliances and Sustainable Competitive Advantage: Evidence from China. Corporate Governance, Vol. 11 No. 4. (*Corresponding Author)
  • Jiao, H., ogilvie, d., & Cui, Y. 2010, An Empirical Study of Mechanisms to Enhance Entrepreneurs’ Capabilities through Entrepreneurial learning in an Emerging Market. Journal of Chinese Entrepreneurship, Vol. 2 No. 2.
  • Jiao, H., Wei, J., & Cui, Y. 2010, An Empirical study on Paths to Develop Dynamic Capabilities: From the Perspectives of Entrepreneurial Orientation and Organizational Learning. Frontiers of Business Research in China, Vol. 4 No. 1.
• Books
         Dynamic Capabilities View, Beijing Normal Press, 2013.
• Conference Papers/Presentations
  • The First Global Social Venture Research Conference. Nov. 19-22, Shanghai, China.
  • 2009 Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference, Babson College, Babson Park, USA. June 3-6, 2009.
  • The International Business Conference on Competition or Cooperation: East vs. West. MacEwan School of Business. Canada. May 11-12, 2009.
  • The International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (IEEM). Singapore. December 08-11, 2008. (EI)
  • Fifth Annual Conference of Social Entrepreneurs: Measuring Social Impact, Berkley Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, Leonard N. Stern School of Business, New York University, New York, USA. November 7, 2008.
  • The 12th Conference of the World Management in International Federation of Scholarly Associations of Management (IFSAM), School of Management, Fudan University, Shanghai, China. July 27-28, 2008.
  • The 9th West Lake International Conference on SMB&WAITRO, Hangzhou, China. October, 2007. (ISTP)