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WU Qinhong

WU Qinhong Ph.D. in Accounting, Associate Professor
Department of Accounting
Business School, Beijing Normal University
Beijing 100875, China
Research Interests
Financial Accounting
Accounting Information System
Auditing Informationalization
Courses Taught
Accounting Information System (Undergraduate)
Theory and Application of Auditing Informationalization (Undergraduate)
Studies on Accounting Information System (Postgraduate)
Management Information System: ERP Simulation Experience (MBA)
Research Projects
  • Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China project “Research on enterprise data reporting system”(Principal Researcher),2013-2014.
  • Ministry of Finance of the People’s Republic of China accounting research project“XBRL Taxonomy research based on Chinese accounting standards for enterprises”(Principal Researcher of sub-project),2008-2009,Outstanding achievements in 2010.
  • National Audit Office of the People’s Republic of China project “ Content and methods of Information Systems Audit”(Principal Researcher), 2007-2008.
  • Ministry of Finance of the People’s Republic of China accounting research project “Influence of Modern Information Technology on Accounting Model(Collaborator),2003-2006.
  • Ministry of Finance of the People’s Republic of China accounting research project “Influence and countermeasures of the computer information processing environment on accounting theory and practice”(Collaborator), 1999-2002,Outstanding achievements in 2002.
• Main papers
  • WU Qinhong: How to manage and control ERP system for enterprises, Finance & Accounting,2012.12.
  • WU Qinhong: Accounting informatization  under a new tidal wave of information: Mission, challenges and expectation——The 11th National Annual of Accounting Informationization, Accounting Research,2012.10.
  • WU Qinhong: Application and basic framework of XBRL, Finance & Accounting,2011.04.
  • WU Qinhong: Contents of the Information Systems Audit,  Finance and Accounting Monthly,2008.10.
  • WU Qinhong: The audit informationalization and its framework, China Management Informationization,2007.12.
  • Yang Zhounan, WU Qinhong,Xu Huihong: Summary of Chinese XBRL Seminar, Accounting Research,2006.08.
  • WU Qinhong:Study on issues related to financial management reports,Insurance Studies,2005.05.
  • WU Qinhong:Comparative of Financial audit and Information system audit under the information technology environment,The Chinese Certified Public Accountant,2004.08.
  • WU Qinhong:Management and control of enterprise-wide accounting information system, Finance and accounting monthly,2004.07.
  • WU Qinhong:Discussion on establishing and perfecting the insurance financial management system,Insurance Studies,2003.01.
  • WU Qinhong:How the enterprise audit face the development of IT,China Audit,2002.03.
  • WU Qinhong,Yang Zhou-nan: discussion on the technology of concurrent audit,Auditing Research,2002.01.
• Books
  • WU Qinhong,Lv Zhaode,ZhuSong,LiYuxiao et al.,Research on China’s Listed Companies’ Financial reporting behavior—Based on the report reconstruction of the Financial Performance Index, Economic Science Press,2013.12.
  • Wang Hailin,WU Qinhong et al,Accounting Information System —for the integration of financial and busines, Publishing House of Electronics Industry,2012.07.
  • WU Qinhong, Accounting Information System Practice and Experiments , Beijing Normal University Publishing Group,2011.07.
  • Sen Change, Lv Zhaode ,WU Qinhong, Financial management, Beijing Normal University Publishing Group,2009.09.
  • WU Qinhong et al, Glorious course—China's accounting informatization for 30 years, Chinese financial&Economic Publishing House,2009.05.
  • WU Qinhong, Content and methods of Information Systems Audit,China Modern Economic Publishing House,2008.08.
  • XBRL application in financial reports,translated by WU Qinhong,Chinese financial&Economic Publishing House,2008.01.
  • WU Qinhong, Accounting Information System —Applications for financial department, Publishing House of Electronics Industry,Higher education “11th five-year plan” national planning materials,2006.01.