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ZHANG Huili  Ph.D., Associate Professor
Native Place: Shandong Province
Department of Accounting
Business School, Beijing Normal University
Beijing 100875, China
Tel: 58804124
2007-2011 Ph.D. in Guanghua School of Management, Peking University
2004-2007 Master in School of Management, Shandong University
2000-2004 Bachelor in School of Management, Shandong University
Work Experience
July 2011 till now Business School, Beijing Normal University
Research Interests
Accounting information and capital market
Finance management and corporate value
Courses Taught Accounting(Undergraduate)
Accounting Theory and Methods(Graduate)
Honors and Awards
  • Dec. 2015, The National Leading(Reserve)Talents of Accounting (Academic), The Ministry of Finance ;
  • Nov. 2014, First prize in teaching competition, Beijing Normal University;
  • May. 2014, First prize inTalents Award, Beijing Normal University;?
  • Nov. 2013, Second prize in the Excellent Paper Competition, The Ministry of Finance and China Accounting Association;
  • Jul. 2011,Outstanding Dissertation Award, Peking University.
• Main Journal Articles
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• Books
  • Zhang H.,Business Group Financial Resource Distribution and the Economic Consequences, Economic and Scientific Press House, 2014.12;
  • Gao M., Zhang H., Financial Governance Index Report of Chinese listed Companies (2013), Economic and Scientific Press House, 2013.12;
  • Shen C., Li, Y., Guo J., Zhang H., FinanceManagement, Beijing Normal University Press House, 2014.06.
• Conference Papers/Presentations
    2015.08, Chicago, Annual Meeting of American Accounting Association.