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Meeting with Tutors: MBA Class F Seek Answers for Life/Study/Career

On April 9th, 2016, MBA class F (Full-time) students and their off-campus tutors spent some valuable time together sharing life experience and career advices in Room 9406, Jingshi Building. Tutors specialized in different fields and MBA Center teachers attended this meeting.


Feng Chuhan, the host of the meeting, started with an introduction of the guests and teachers and the class F. Ms. Li Jingya expressed great gratitude towards the presence of all the tutors on behalf of the BNU MBA Center. The off-campus system was carried out in series of lectures, meetings, and cooperation projects. Further cooperation mechanism and mentor-mentee opportunities would be accessible through the MBA platform.


When it came to mentors’ presentation session, five mentors thoroughly introduced their working area and expressed their expectations for the audience. The mentors include: President of Aerospace Science and Industry Management Co. Ltd, Li Zhenming; Deputy Director of China Minsheng Bank Office, Wen Bin; Project Director of the China Stone Management Consulting Group, Qi Bingtang; Chairman of the Beijing BEIST Standard Management Consulting Group, Zhu Liben; and Deputy Editor of China Business Times, Liu Shan.


The following Q & A session was heated. Students asked plenty of questions and the mentors’ responses received warm applauses from all audience. MBA Student UnionChairman, Zhu Zhenfeng, raised the first question about the functions of a consulting president assistant, while Zhao Lin asked questions regarding entrepreneurship, work/family balance and so on. Our mentors were full of patience and provided detailed explanations to each and every question.


The meeting lasted two hours and the feedback showed that our MBA students benefited a lot from such a communication & interaction opportunity with off-campus mentors.