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Notice on 2015 MBA Re-examination Accepting Line & Tuition

Dear 2015 students,

The basic re-examination accepting line of 2015 National Postgraduate Entrance Examination has been published in the BNU Graduate School; students are welcome to log in to check. We will not accept any transfers in 2015.

Web link of BNU Graduate School:




Line A

National A Class Accepting Line

Line B






Line B is applicable to applicants with excellent performance in in-advance interview


Line A is applicable to applicants passed the normal examination and applicants with good performance in in-advance interview.


In addition, the 2015 tuition of BNU MBA is 138,000 yuan. The details are as follows:

(1)    Full-time MBA: two-year education, full-time learning

(2)    Part-time MBA: two-year education, part-time learning

We will check and report the learning methods of admitted students from late March to April, the result cannot be changed.


Accommodations: no accommodation will be provided. We will provide the full-time MBA students who have registered BNU as the first choice with a residence allowance of 1,500 yuan for 10 months in the first school year.