2016 BNU Admissions Summary

1. Can the required supervisor recommendation letter be printed?

Answer: We suggest the referral to hand write recommendation letter according to the given template. If a hand-written version cannot be reached for some reason, a printed version will also be accepted. But it must be attached with the signature of the referral and business card information for future verification.


2. How to get a work seniority certificate?

Answer: Students can contact the personnel department of their current or original work units to get a work seniority certificate with official seal. Original labor contracts and copies that qualify the requirements of Enrollment Guide will also be accepted if the work seniority certificate cannot be achieved for some reason (students can add together the service year in different labor contracts as a certificate when one single contract cannot prove qualified work seniority).

3. What is the advantage of BNU MBA full-time learning comparing with the on-the-job learning?

Answer: Except for differences in learning method and cultivation period, there are no other differences between the full-time learning and the on-the-job learning. On-the-job learning can compress time effectively to some extent and can make students focus more on learning, but it will definitely cause some financial losses. We suggest students to choose suitable learning method according to personal practical situations.

4. Can the on-the-job MBA students apply for in-advance graduation?

Answer: The schooling of on-the-job student and full-time student is 2 years. Student who has obtained the maximum credits within required time can apply for in-advance graduation. But the schooling period presented in the graduation certificate is still 2 years.


5. How will the BNU MBA in-advance interviews affect the normal re-examination in March?

Answer: The admission rate of in-advance interview shall not exceed 2/3 and the admission rate of normal examination shall be 1/3. Students can choose either admission method according to their own situation. Except for difference in admission methods, they are all independent without any interference.


6. What are the subjects of BNU MBA preliminary test?

Answer: (1) Time: Subject to the time schedule released by the Ministry of Education. 8:00-11:30 in the morning and 14:00-17:00 in the afternoon. The registered test unit will arrange the specific test site.

(2) Preliminary test subjects: ①199- Comprehensive Competence of Management Examination (full mark:200)②204- English II (full mark:100)written test only.

English II is one subject of the National Examination. For more detailed information, please refer to the latest test syllabus formulated by the National Education Examination Authority. Comprehensive Competence of Management Examination is one subject of National MBA Examination.For more detailed information, please refer to the latest test syllabus formulated by the National Education Examination Authority or relevant institutions designated by the National Education Examination Authority.

(3) Please download the admission ticket from China Graduate Enrollment Information Network and the download time will be announced in online registration.


7. What are the admission rates of in-advance interview and normal examination?

Answer: We plan to recruit 300 graduate students for MBA in 2016, the admission rate will be 2:1, and 200 students will be admitted by in-advance interview.

8. Can every student win an opportunity for the Freshman Scholarship?

Answer: Only top 30 students of the National MBA Examination with BNU MBA as their first choice can apply for BNU MBA Freshman Scholarship.

9. Can junior college students apply for BNU MBA?

Answer: BNU MBA adopts different registration requirements for junior college students in 2016 comparing with the last few years:

Junior college students with at least 5 years of work experience (as of September 1 2016) and outstanding work performance can apply for BNU MBA.

10. Can post-graduate students apply for BNU MBA?

Answer:Post-graduate (single-certificate postgraduate with specialty included) shall provide written approval of the original school and go through the withdrawal procedure before the admission. Pursuing two (or more) degrees, whether of different levels or not, at the same time is not allowed

11. Will online registration be enough for the registration of BNU MBA?

Answer: Students, whether joining the in-advance interview or joining the normal examination, should all log in the “China Graduate Enrollment Information Network”to complete online registration. Note that all students applying for BNU MBA should choose “Beijing Normal University” as the test center and no other test center will be accepted. Students should go to the BNU for on-spot check with required certificates on November 11 to 14 2015.

12. Will BNU MBA provide accommodations for admitted students?

Answer: We will provide accommodation allowance for full-time students with BNU MBA as the first choice.

13. How long is the schooling of BNU MBA?

Answer: The schooling of full-time MBA is 2 years. Students will complete learning mainly from Monday to Friday. The schooling of on-the-job MBA is 2 years. Students will complete learning in their spare time.

14. What are the test subjects of normal re-examination?

Answer: (1) The re-examination of students joined the normal examination will be arranged in early to mid March 2016, and the re-examination measures will be released on the web of BNU Graduate School before the re-examination.

(2) The test subjects are Politics Test, English Competence Test, and Comprehensive Competence Test (interview).

(3) We will adopt multi-candidate re-examination for students passed the normal examination.

15. Can non-directional BNU MBA students transfer their residence registration to the BNU?

Answer: Non-directional graduate students should transfer their personnel files to the BNU and the transfer of residence registrations is a voluntary choice. They can transfer their personnel files and residence registrations to the contracted work units according to the tripartite agreement and national employment policies after graduation.

16. What are the registration requirements for MBA with specialty promoted by BNU in 2016?

Answer: The registration requirements are as same as those of BNU MBA Registration Requirements.

(1)Undergraduate with at least 3 years of work experience (as of September 1 2016); master graduate or PhD graduate with at least 2 years of work experience (as of September 1 2016); and college graduate with at least 5 years of work experience shall apply as applicant with equivalent education background (as of September 1 2016).

(2)Except for graduates with bachelor degree in Party School of the CPC Central Committee, no other graduates with bachelor degree in party school shall apply for examination.

(3)Academic certificates achieved overseas should be approved by Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange.

(4) The health check-up shall be in accordance with the physical examination requirements imposed by Instructions on College Entrance Physical Examination.

(5)Students participated in Minority Cadre Cultivation Program are not allowed to apply.


17. What are the tuition fees for full-time MBA and on-the-job MBA?

Answer: The tuition fees forthe full-time MBA and the on-the-job MBA are all 138,000 yuan.