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[March 7thSeminar Notice] The FutureDevelopment ofManagement Science Jing Shi Scientific Forum
Them: The Future Development of Management Science

Guest Speaker: Ma Qingguo, Zhejiang University First Level Professor, NeuromanagementLaboratory Director.

Host: Su Song, BNU Business School Marketing Department Head

Time: 2016.3.7 (Monday) 15:00 – 17:00

Location: Rear Main Building (Library Building)1620

Guest SpeakerProf. Ma Qingguo Introduction:

Doctoral supervisor of Zhejiang University, research fields include: Neuromanagement, Behavioral Decision Making, Decision Neuroscience, Neuro-Industrial Engineering, Neuromarketing and Engineering Management. Currently focused on Neuromanagementand the future development of management science.


Board Member of the Management Institute of Zhejiang University; Board Member of the Technology Creation and Science and Technology Industry Development Research Center; Member of the Management Engineering Assessment Committee of Postdoctoral Mobile Station of State Personnel Ministry; Director of Technology Creation and Science and Technology Industry Development Research Center. 

Main Research Achievements:

Focused in the following research fields:Decision Neuroscience (including the neural basis of consumer decision-making and management decision-making), Theories and Methods of Value Decision (Including the value engineering basispoint calculationmethod, engineering value system theory and the neural value analysis method, etc., as well as its application in major projects, such as the value calculation of “The National EconomyImpactsof the Three Gorges Project”).

Issuedover 300 academic papers, including around 80 SCI/SSCI/EI articles.

10 Province level 3rd Prize Awards,7 Province level 2ndPrize Awards, One Province level 1st Prize Award. One National Teaching Achievement Award.





Hosted by: BNU MBA Education Center

BNU Business School Marketing Department