The Meeting for 2018 New Doctoral Students of the BNUBS Was Successfully Held
Time :2018-12-25

On the morning of October 9, 2018, the meeting for 2018 new doctoral students of BNUBS was held in room 503 of the second teaching building of BNU Changping Campus. Sun Zhijun, Party Secretary of BNUBS, Ge Yuliang, vice secretary of the party committee, Zhang Ping, vice Dean, and Li Yingshu, the academic teacher, attended the meeting which was presided over by Zhang Pingdan, Vice Dean of BNUBS.


First of all, Professor Sun Zhijun, Party Secretary of BNUBS, expressed warm welcome and heartfelt congratulations to the 2018 new doctoral students. Ge Yuliang, Vice Secretary of the party committee, introduced the situation of the party members of the new class, and put forward opinions and suggestions for work related to party members. In addition, he also proposed that doctoral students should work hard to do research and pay attention to physical and mental health. Next, Li Yingshu gave detailed data analysis and introduction to the majors of new doctoral students, and introduced the doctoral training plan, curriculum setting and ways to obtain doctoral degree to the students. Zhang Pingdan, Vice Dean, encouraged students to become ideal, capable and responsible in today’s pluralistic era.


Finally, everyone walked together in the new campus and took a group photo in front of the teaching building and Muduo Square.