The 9th China Language Economics Forum Was Successfully Held in BNU
Time :2018-12-25


On October 20, 2018, the 9th China Language Economics Forum was held by the Economic Research Institute of Shandong University (SDU), BNUBS, Editorial Department of Economics Perspectives and Center for Language Economics of SDU and undertaken by BNUBS. Lai Desheng, Dean of BNUBS, Sun Zhijun, Party Secretary, Luo Chuliang, director of Economics Department, Chen Jidong, teacher of Economics Department and other teachers and students, as well as almost 50 experts from SDU, Wuhan University, Beijing Language and Culture University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Shanghai International Studies University, Guangxi University for Nationalities, and Economics Perspectives attended the forum which was presided over by Sun Zhijun.


At the opening ceremony, Dean Lai Desheng first gave a welcome speech. Subsequently, Yang Xinming, editor of Economic Perspectives , delivered a speech, expounding the history of language economics and its relationship with the academic journals of Economic Perspectives . Next, Huang Shaoan, Chairman of the Forum on Language Economics and Dean of Economic Research Institute of SDU (ERISDU), delivered a speech. After the photo session, the forum’s theme report officially began. The participating experts reported in the morning session, which was hosted by Professor Huang Shaoan. After the completion of all reports, Wei Qian, Vice president of the ERISDU, made a concluding speech.


Finally, the forum ended successful. Based on the practical problems in economic and social development, the forum analyzes the characteristics of language economics, discusses the current frontier theory and research results, and provides a platform for communication and exchange for scholars interested in language economics research.