The International Student Symposium of BNUBS in the 2018 Fall Semester Was Successfully Held
Time :2018-11-06


At the beginning of the new semester, on the morning of September 7, 2018, the International Student Symposium of BNUBS in the 2018 Fall Semester was successfully held in the 1620 of the library.


Nearly 60 teachers and students participated in the symposium. Teachers of BNUBS, Cai Hongbo, Zheng Feihu, Yu Jiajie, Marcus Roel, Zhang Qiulan, Xie Jia, Li Jingya, An Yalun, Li Liya, Shang Yihong and Wang Dan attended the symposium. The students attending the conference included WEC English program students, exchange students and Chinese-learning overseas students of BNUBS. They came from more than 20 countries including the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Canada, Spain, Australia, etc. A mix of students, old and new, gathered together cheerfully and started the new semester of the fall of 2018.


Everyone introduced and communicated with each other, met new teachers and students, shared interesting things about holidays, and thought about the future academic journey in BNU. In particular, the 2017 WEC students introduced their experiences and feelings in the study and life in BNU to the new students. The teachers of the International Exchange and Cooperation Office also patiently and meticulously answered students’ problems in their study and life.