Introduction of New Teachers of BNUBS in 2018
Time :2018-11-06


Cai Zijun, Lecturer, Department of Human Resource Management


Bachelor and Master of Management from Renmin University of China, Doctor of Management from the University of Western Australia. Her research interests include employee initiative, initiative personality, and personal career development, with a particular focus on the interaction of individuals and the environment (such as teams, leaders and etc.) in the workplace. In recent years, she has published several papers in journals such as Journal of Vocational Behavior , Journal of Career Development , and etc., and has served as an anonymous reviewer for the Journal of Vocational Behavior and the Journal of Career Development . In 2016, she was awarded the best reviewer of the annual meeting of International Association for Chinese Management Research (IACMR). In 2017, she was awarded the best reviewer of the Professional Research Department of the Academy of Management of the United States (AOM).


Li Yanan, Lecturer, Department of Economics


Graduated from the Department of Applied Economics of Cornell University with a doctor’s degree, from the School of Agriculture and Rural Development of Renmin University of China with a master’s degree and from the Department of Agricultural Economics of Zhejiang University with a bachelor’s degree. Engaged in the application of microeconomics research, she is committed to conducting research in the intersection of labor, health, environment, and political economy. Her main research area is development economics and her research background includes China and India. At present, she mainly works on research on the inequality and supply of employment projects, the regional competitiveness of minimum wages, and the impact of environmental pollution on cognitive ability.


Marcus Roel   Assistant Professor of Economics


Marcus Roel is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Beijing Normal University’s Business School. He obtained his PhD in Economics from the London School of Economics in 2018. His research incorporates psychological insights to explain fundamental human behavior. He is currently working on social preferences such as reciprocity, and the consequences of perception biases on learning and decision making.


Interests: Behavioral Economics, Microeconomic Theory, Experimental Economics 


Zhu Mengbing, Lecturer, Department of Economics


Ph.D. of BNUBS, postdoctoral researcher of Stanford University Center for International Studies. Her research fields include labor economics, development economics, and educational economics. At this stage, she mainly researches the effects of social security policy redistribution, family structure and income gap and education inequality. She has published academic papers in high-level journals such as China Social Science , China Economic Review , and Economic Perspectives .