The Embassy of China in Australia Called to Affirm the China-Australian Cultural Exchange and Cooperation Research Project
Time :2018-10-08


Recently, the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Australia made a phone call to BNU to affirm the important achievements of BNUBS on the China-Australian cultural exchange and cooperation research project jointly conducted by BNUBS and the Business School of University of South Australia.


In the call, the official pointed out that the project, proposed on September 27, 2016 as the achievement of the first “China-Australia Cultural Dialogue”, intended to review the cultural exchanges and cooperation between the two countries, and put forward suggestions for further improvement on the basis of summarizing successful experience and making clear problems and challenges. The project which is a consensus reached by the cultural authorities of the two governments plays a significant role in promoting cultural exchanges and cooperation.


Project Introduction: The project includes four parts: document collection and review, China-Australia stakeholder interviews, online questionnaire survey, and report writing feedback. The project research conducted in China and Australia has been strongly supported by the Australian Ministry of Culture, Foreign Liaison Bureau of Ministry of Culture, the Education Department of the Australian Embassy in China, the Cultural Office of the Embassy of China in Australia, and the National Grand Theatre, the Palace Museum, and the National Museum and etc. At present, the project has been completed and the research report has been submitted to the Ministry of Culture of the two countries, the Adelaide Art Center and other institutions and departments.