The 4th Undergraduate Academic Forum of BNUBS Was Successfully Held
Time :2018-10-08


At 9:00 a.m. on July 13, the 4th Undergraduate Academic Forum of BNUBS was held in Jingwen Academic Hall. The participants of the forum included: Professor Zhang Pingdan, Vice Dean of BNUBS, Professor Gao Minghua, Member of Academic Committee, Professor Luo Chuliang from Department of Economics (DE), Associate Professor Wu Qinhong, Director of the Department of Accounting (DA), Professor Hao Ying from DA, Professor Jiang Jie from Department of Finance (DF), Associate Professor Qian Jing from the Department of Human Resource Management (DHRM) and Mr. Chen Jidong from DE. The forum, aiming to approach academics, lay solid foundation, broaden horizons and explore frontiers, will promote teaching level, cultivation quality and innovation for undergraduates, inspire academic enthusiasm, broaden their academic horizons and form good study atmosphere.


This year’s undergraduate academic forum contained two sessions of the main forum and sub-forum. On July 3, in the sub-forum, 5 of the 23 reported academic papers of BNUBS stood out and would compete in the main forum on July 13. In the main forum hosted by Professor Luo Chuliang, Director of DE, Professor Gao Minghua first delivered speech, congratulating the selected papers, and giving four suggestions for research from his 31 years of teaching and research experience. Professor Chen Jidong and Professor Hao Ying respectively commented on the report papers, which had a wide coverage and novel positions, praised and encouraged the researchers’ ability, and analyzed and summarized some of the problems in the papers for valuable suggestions, which benefited the students. Next, Professor Zhang Pingdan made a summary.


The academic forum, providing an excellent platform for academic exchanges for undergraduates, plays an important role in stimulating innovative research talents and promoting the academic level of undergraduates. In the future, we hope that students will actively participate in academic forums, keep moving on and continuously improve their academic research and innovation capabilities.