“Silk Road” International Talent Training Project Applied by BNUBS Was Approved by the Chinese Government Scholarship by Ministry of Education
Time :2018-07-05

In line with the “One Belt and One Road” Initiative (OBOR) and the correspondent action by the Ministry of Education, to cultivate high-end talent, establish related disciplines in the countries along OBOR, and promote the overall quality of overseas students in Beijing, BNUBS’s “EQUIS Business School ‘Silk Road’ International Talent Cultivating Project” applied in the “Silk Road” Chinese Government Scholarship Project by the Ministry of Education for the 2018/19 school year stood out among the various projects of other universities and became the only project of BNU to successfully gain 30 places of scholarships.

The scholarships will be used to support overseas students involved in the Chinese and English projects in countries along the OBOR for a master’s degree. Students who pass the annual assessment and meet the Chinese government’ scholarship funding requirements will be exempt from tuition and accommodation fees and gain living allowance.

The education and cultivation of overseas students is an important window to show BNUBS’s high quality education resources and good international image. The discipline advantages, excellent students and the rapid development of the internationalization process have provided strong support and guarantee for the cultivation of the OBOR international talents. The support of Chinese government scholarships will surely further enhance the international academic research of BNUBS and the cooperation for students in higher education, which will promote BNU’s contribution to OBOR and accelerate the realization of “double first-rate”.