BNUBS Has Made Another Great Achievement in Sports Meeting
Time :2018-06-15

From April 27 to April 28, 2018, BNU held the sports meeting on the East Campus. Dean Lai Desheng attended the opening ceremony. Under the leadership of BNUBS’s Party Committee Secretary Ge Yuliang, the sports meeting completed successfully. In the two days’ meeting, BNUBS’s athletes worked hard, forged ahead, and achieved outstanding results in various projects.

At 8 a.m. on April 27, in the opening ceremony of the sports meeting, the national flag team, the color flag team, and the cheering team took turns to bring a splendid performance, which fully showed the enthusiasm of BNUBS’s teaching staff. The phalanx of BNUBS, with a neat pace and high spirits, has taken firm and faithful steps.

The Tai Chi performance in the opening ceremony, in which Li Hui, a teacher of BNUBS participated, was the most refreshing.

In the sports meeting, BNUBS enjoyed a brilliant record, ranking the first in Tornado Project (in which several teachers and students held a stick and ran) and second in women’s 100m, women’s 4*100m relay, long jump, transplanting and harvesting, and In the Same Boat (in which team members supported each other to cross barriers).

After two days of fierce competition, BNUBS received the honor of the fifth place in undergraduate students’ Group A in BNU’s 2018 Sports Meeting.

The colorful sports activities and the vigorous strides of the athletes demonstrate the BNU’s concept of “no sports, no education”, as well as the spirit of unity and hard work of BNUBS’s teachers and students who devoted to the sports meeting with their full passion, high morale and courage. It is hoped that the BNUBS will make persistent efforts to succeed again in the future.