MBA Teaching Steering Committee Held Teaching Working Conference
Time :2018-06-01

On the afternoon of April 16, the working conference of the MBA Teaching Steering Committee of BNUBS was held in the conference room 1722 of the main building. In the conference, the revision of the MBA training program, methods to further enhance the quality of MBA education and other issues were discussed. Lai Desheng, Dean of BNUBS and director of the MBA Teaching Steering Committee, presided over the conference.

Lai De first pointed out that the revision of the MBA training program, which was important to the quality of MBA education, should fully consider the current development characteristics and trends of MBA education at home and abroad, the high-quality business school certification standards, BNU’s history and humanistic traditions, and MBA major’s characteristics and so on. The focuses should be: how to fully integrate BNUBS’s strategic mission, the guiding objectives of humanistic spirit in BNUBS’s MBA education and the internationalization strategy into the entire process of MBA education.

Jiao Hao, deputy director of the MBA Center, reported on several specific issues in the revision of the training program. The participating committees held a lively discussion around the adjustment of the curriculum and ways to highlight the cultivation of humanistic literacy and strengthen case teaching, internationalization experience in practice and features in each major. Participants of the conference believed that it was necessary to further mobilize and tap the potential of BNUBS’s teachers, optimize curriculum structure; include the cultivation of humanistic literacy into the public compulsory courses and strengthen the tradition education of BNUNS in the MBA entrance education; and clarify the requirements of international experience in the phase of practice; and provide services for teachers to enhance course quality.

The MBA Education Center will next exercise the main spirit of this conference in practice, laying a solid foundation for the first-rate MBA education.