Forum to Commemorate the 100th birthday of Tao Dayong Was Held in Beijing
Time :2018-05-16

  On March 22, the forum to commemorate the 100th birthday of Tao Dayong was organized by the China Democratic League (CDL) Central Committee and CDL Beijing Committee and co-hosted by BNU in CDL central office. Ding Zhongli, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC) and Chairman of CDL Central Committee attended the forum and delivered speeches. Zhang Ping, member of NPC (the National People’s Congress) Standing Committee and vice chairman of the CDL Central Committee, presided over the forum. Other participants included: Cheng Hong, Vice Chairman of the CDL Central Committee, Vice Chairman of the Beijing Municipal CPPCC (Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference) and Director of CDL Beijing Committee, Hou Jianmin, Vice Director of the CPPCC Economic Committee, Wang Weicheng, former Vice Chairman of CDL Central Committee and former Chairman of CDL Beijing Committee, and Zhou Kairang, Vice executive minister of Beijing Municipal United Front Work Department, Mr. Tao Dayong’s wife, Niu Pingqing, CDL committee and teacher of BNUBS, Wang Lijun, Minister of the United Front Committee of the Party Committee of BNU, Lai Desheng, Dean of BNUBS and representatives of the CDL.

  Ding Zhongli expressed deep memory on Mr. Tao Dayong on behalf of the CDL and his sincere condolences to Mr. Tao’s family. Recalling Mr. Tao Dayong’s life in a comprehensive way, he pointed out that Mr. Tao, who had both western and Chinese traditional knowledge and spent his life in education, made outstanding contributions to the country’s economic and social development and the multi-party cooperation led by the Communist Party of China as a critical friend of the Communist Party of China. His knowledge, character, political wisdom and patriotism are worth learning and inheriting.

  Cheng Hong indicated that when Mr. Tao was in charge of the work of CDL Beijing Committee, he had a positive impact on the economic development and social progress of Beijing. Wang Lijun said that Mr. Tao, with his academic pursuit and accomplishment, had made great achievements and outstanding contributions, setting a good example for contemporary Chinese intellectuals and becoming the pride of BNU. Lai Desheng spoke as a representative of Mr. Tao’s pre-employment work unit and introduced his fundamental contribution to the development of disciplines and BNUBS.

  Wang Weicheng, Niu Pingqing, former vice editor of Popular Tribune Ye Zhishan, former vice chairman of CDL Shanghai Committee Fang Rong, vice chairman of CDL BNU Committee Dou Fei, also spoke at the forum.