China-Australia Arts and Cultural Exchange Research Project Completed Successfully
Time :2018-04-20

  In August 2017, Business School of the University of South Australia and BNUBS jointly initiated the “China-Australia Arts and Cultural Exchange Project” to promote better future development of important research on art and cultural exchange between China and Australia.

  The project is divided into four parts: document collection and review, China-Australia stakeholders’ interviews, online questionnaires, and report writing feedback. The research project took the lead in Australia in August 2017. On September 23, Professor Ruth Rentschler from the University of South Australia and Ms. Jacinta Thompson, head of the Adelaide Cultural Festival, held a mobilization event in Beijing.

  In November 2017, the project’s research interviews and online questionnaires were formally launched in Beijing. With the support of the Foreign Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Culture, a research team composed of teachers and students from BNUBS, Cai Hongbo, Yang Tianyun, Wang Zilin, Li Hao, Hu Bing, etc., interviewed 14 art and culture organizations, including the national cultural and arts institutions, including the Palace Museum, the National Library, the National Museum, the National Ballet of China, and the Central Symphony Orchestra in the form of telephone and field visits in less than three months and received 5 authorities’ detailed interview records and 50 questionnaires.

  As of January in 2018, China and Australia have completed 21 interviews and received more than 100 questionnaires. At this point, the “China-Australia Arts and Cultural Exchange Project” research activities concluded successfully.