The Well-known Expert Prof. Daniel Houser Was Appointed as Guest Professor of BNUBS
Time :2018-01-12
On 9-11th, December 2017, Prof. Daniel Houser, Director of the Cross-disciplinary Economic Research Centre, was invited to the academic exchange at BNUBS and was appointed as guest professor of BNUBS. The centre was established by Prof. Venon Smith, Director of Department of Economics of George Mason University and Nobel Prize winner.

Prof. Houser is a well-known expert and founder of Behavioural Economics and Neuroeconomics. He has been conducting research in Behavioural Economics and Neuroeconomics for a long time, and has published over 150 academic papers in top periodicals. At present, he is the deputy editor of “Management Science”; chief editor of “Journal of Neuroscience”, “Psychology and Economics” and “Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organization”; member of the editing board of “Experimental Economics”.

As a special guest, Prof. Houser attended “the First Symposium on Neuroaccounting and Neuromanagement” hosted by BNUBS. During the meeting, he was appointed as the guest professor. After that, Prof. Houser gave a keynote speech on “Seduction and Betrayal: Evidence from Neuroeconomics”, which provided a great deal of interesting experimental and neuroeconomic evidence for teachers and students.

After the meeting, Prof. Houser conducted academic discussions and provided one-on-one instructions to teachers from BNUBS, on which he made a lot of suggestions on research objective, research design, academic writing and paper publication.

Then, Prof. House visited the Key National Lab of Cognitive Science and Learning at BNU, and observed the experimental process of a series of equipment in neuromeasurement such as fMRI, ERP and EEG. He affirmed the research foundation, capability and spirit of teachers in BNUBS, highly praised the research advantages of neuroeconomics and neuromanagement, and expressed that he will actively promote exchange and cooperation with BNUBS in Behavioural Experiment and Neuro-experiment.