The Economic Research Centre on Life Development Was Establish
Time :2018-01-08
On 18th December, the Economic Research Centre of Life Development founded by BNU and China Development Research Foundation (CDRF) was set up in Beijing. The centre is a cross-disciplinary research cooperation platform, aiming at integrating research resources from BNU, CDRF, Peking University and other organisations to promote scientific research and scientific policy-making in related fields. On the establishment ceremony, representatives from BNU and CDRF presented and delivered remarks. Prof. James J. Heckman, Nobel Laureate in Economics from University of Chicago; Prof. Sabina Marie Alkire, Director of Poverty and Human Development Research Center of University of Oxford and Prof. Ross from Stanford University expressed sincere congratulations to the establishment of the centre through video talks.

Ms. Chen Li, Vice President of BNU gave a speech on behalf of BNU. She pointed out that the establishment is based on the long-term cooperation of both co-founders. The centre will further strengthen advantageous cooperative achievements and both sides should spend joint efforts, receive talents from broad channels, build “first-level” teams and achieve concrete results with international influence.

Prof. Li Shi from BNUBS, Director of the centre, said, “the centre is founded under concerns and instructions given by Prof. Dong Qi, President of BNU and Mr. Lu Mai. The centre is a cross-disciplinary cooperative platform and system that can integrate data collected from BNU investigations and CDRF research studies; integrate and enhance the strength of expert team, carry out special research on human life development through Economic theories.” He also briefly introduced the centre.

Prof. Lai Desheng, Dean of BNUBS, pointed out in his speech that when society is developing at a high speed, human development is unequal, insufficient and incomplete. The establishment of the centre will be very important to the development of society, and the establishment of outstanding platforms in database construction, academic exchange, talent cultivation and think tank development.

Introduction to the Economic Research Centre on Life Development

An Academic Committee is set up inside the Research Centre. Directors of the committee include President of the Chinese Society of Education; Prof. Zhong Binglin, former President of BNU; and Vice President of CDRF, Mr. Lu Mai. Top experts are invited to be members of the Academic Committee. Directors of the centre are Prof. Li Shi and Vice Secretary General Mr. Fang Jin. There are 8 research groups in the centre.

The centre plans to conduct long-term (over 20 years) investigations in China to obtain information on the performance of Psychology, Medical and Health, Education, Labour Market, and establish micro-tracking database. Base on the data, the centre will carry out cross-disciplinary research in Psychology, Pedagogy and Economics, aiming to explore the rules and answers in the process of human life development and to develop labour market performance rules. The whole objective is to realise all-round development of human beings and sustainable development between people and the society, create international research institution and team, provide support to national policy and make contributions to the common prosperity of mankind.