The 1st BNUBS Joint Forum on Labor Economics Was Successful Held
Time :2017-12-26
On 9th Dec, 2017, the 1st Leading Forum on Labor Economics was successfully held at School of Economics, Jinan University. This forum was jointly held by the Editorial Department of the journal of Economic Research, School of Economics of Jinan University, BNUBS and School of Labor and Personnel of Renmin University of China. With the aim to build a high-level academic exchange platform for discussing China’s labor economic problems, to promote the sustained and rapid economic development of China’s labor discipline, the forum reflects the responsibility and sense of mission of organizers in the development of Chinese labor economics theory and empirical research.

Many teachers and students from BNUBS participated the forum. As one of the organizers, Dean of BNUBS Prof. Lai Desheng introduced the achievements on labor economics disciplines of BNUBS in recent years the. He expressed expectation and support to the leading forum on labor economics.

Prof. Li Shi delivered a keynote speech based on the newest research on CHIP data, and introduced main characteristics between household income and income distribution at present. He pointed out in the report that, in general, the gap among China’s household income and the gap between urban and rural income were minored. However, the gap inside urban and rural areas were enlarging. The gap among different regions were minored, whilst the imbalance between urban and rural consumption, as well as income inequality were becoming significant.

The forum was divided into 7 sessions. Papers of Prof. Yang Juan and Prof. Liu Pan were reported on the forum. Paper of Dr. Qi Lei was selected into the report.

The 1st BNUBS Joint Forum on Labor Economics ended in a complete success.