The 12th Forum on Cooperate Governance and Improvement of Property Rights System Was Successfully Held at BNU
Time :2017-12-26
Since the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, China has established a series of policies on enterprise reform and development, as well as on the improvement of capital market, in particular the “1+n” Policy to the reform of state-owned enterprises, which is a deepening reform through cooperate governance. The 19th National Congress of CPC further emphasized on improving property right system, realizing effective incentive of property rights, developing mixed ownership economy, promoting the development of state-owned capital, and fostering world-class enterprises with global competitiveness.

On 16th Dec, under the background of above policies, the 12th Forum on Cooperate Governance and Improvement of Property Rights System and “China Corporate Governance Classification Index Report No.16 (2017)” was successfully held at BNU. The forum was held by Research Center of Corporate Governance and Enterprise Development together with BNUBS, supported by Private Investment Specialized Committee of China Investment Association, The Corporate Governance Branch of Chinese Society of Behavioral Law, Committee of the Listed Companies of China Auto Industry Association, Beijing Listed Company Association, Board of Directors of China’s Property Rights Association, Urban Economic Cooperation Commission of China Research Association for Urban Development, and Beijing Urban Construction Road and Bridge Construction Group Co. Ltd.

“China Corporate Governance Classification Index Report No.16 (2017)” took charged by and completed by Prof. Gao Minghua, Head of Research Center of Corporate Governance and Enterprise Development of BNU, was the 16th report on cooperate governance released by the same center. In this report, 6 classifications of governance index from almost all listed companies in 2016 were classified and figured out, including investor protection index, board governance index, entrepreneur ability index, financial governance index, voluntary disclosure index and executive compensation index. Evaluation, compare and analyzation were done from general perspectives of industry, region, ownership and market segment. The report has very important practical value in strengthening corporate governance to protect property rights, implement property rights incentive, so as to ensure the sustainable development of enterprises, urge regulators to strengthen corporate governance, regulatory legislation and law enforcement, guide investors to reduce risk. Besides, it also provides data support for promoting the reform of corporate governance in both theory and research.

Dean of BNUBS Prof. Lai Desheng delivered a speech on the forum. Members discussed problems of corporate governance and property rights protection. They are Mr. Li Jiaxiang, Former Deputy Minister of Transport of China, former General Director of CAAC, Deputy Director of the CPPCC National History and Learning Committee and former Chairman of China Airline; Mr. Ji Xiaonan, former President of Board of Supervisors of Key Large State-owned Enterprises; Mr. Li Bing, Director of Capital Operation and Income Administration of the State Council; Mr. Zhang Jianhua, Director of the State Council Legislative Affairs Office and Commercial Department, President of the Corporate Governance Branch of Chinese Society of Behavioral Law; Mr. Wang Zhile, Vice President of CGCA and Director of Beijing Institute of Transnational Corporations; Prof. Zou Dongtao, Vice president of China Investment Association and Professor of Central University of Finance and Economics; Prof. Huang Guitian, Assistant to the President of Peking University and Changjiang Distinguished Professor; Mr. Lu Tong, Director and Researcher of CEEM of CASS, as well as experts, scholars and businessmen from China Securities Regulatory Commission, universities, central state-owned enterprises, listed companies and other institutions, etc.

China Wealth Media Group of Xinhua News Agency is the strategic support media of this forum that aired the forum on live camera. Xin Jingwei carried out the picture and text live broadcast. People’s Daily, Guangming Daily, Economic Daily, CCTV, China Securities News, Economic Reference Daily, Securities Daily, Securities Times, Chinese Business Times, China Economic Weekly, Hong Kong TV and other mainstream media reported the forum.