Think Tanks of BNUBS Was Listed in “2017 China’s Comprehensive Evaluation of the Core Think Tank List”
Time :2017-12-22
Recently, the 4th National Summit Forum on the Evaluation of Humanities and Social Sciences, hosted by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, was held in Beijing. On the forum, the Chinese Academy of Social Science Evaluation Institute announced the “Report on China’s Comprehensive Evaluation of Think Tank (2017)”.

“China AMI Think Tank Comprehensive Evaluation Research Report (2017)” divides think tanks in China into four categories, namely comprehensive, professional, social, business categories. The project team collected, added, organized, calculated and researched on 2335 think tanks with repeated information from external data. The whole process of data screening went through a lot of steps, from external data study, data survey, data sample to final evaluation, and selected 166 think tanks out of 531 participants into “China’s Comprehensive Evaluation of the Core Think Tank List”.

China Income Distribution Research Institute and Beijing Education Institute of Economic Research was selected as the outstanding institutions from 531 participants, they are listed in a professional think-tank. One of the sixteen “A Level Think Tank of 211 Higher Institutions in the Economic Field” is the Chinese Income Distribution Research Institutes, and one of the fourteen “A Level Think Tank of 211 Higher Institution in other Fields” is the Capital Educational Economy Research Institute.