New Journeys Has Started for BNUBS New Joiners——BNUBS 2017 Welcome Ceremony was Successfully Launched
Time :2017-09-08


A new semester has started, BNUBS is pleased to welcome a group of new students in the year 2017.


At 6:00 in the morning on Sep 3rd, 2017, teachers, staffs and students gathered at Jingshi Square to arrange the welcome site and waited for the new students with full expectations. Guided by the staffs, new students went through a few registration procedures and had a tour around the campus. 


Leaders and teachers from BNUBS also came to the site to give instructions and help to the students. President of BNU Mr. Dong Qi, Vice President of BNU Mr. Shi Peijun, Vice secretary of Party Committee Mr. Li Xiaobing, Dean of BNUBS, Secretary of Sub Party Committee Mr. Sun Zhijun, Vice Secretary Mr. Ge Yuliang and other leaders of BNUBS came, expressed their concerns to the students, and took a group photo with them.




The opening ceremony started right after the welcome ceremony, marking the beginning of the university life. BNUBS leader, teachers, staffs and students witnessed this moment together on the ceremony.



Dean of BNUBS Mr. Lai Desheng first delivered remarks. He started from introducing the history of BNUBS, and explained the value and mission of BNUBS. Then, teacher representative Mr. Shen Yue, professor in economics gave a talk. Mr. Shen was the first year of students admitted by BNU after the restoration of college entrance exam. He quoted a line from Ean-Jacques Rousseau, “man was born free, and he is everywhere in chains”, to explain his understanding of freedom, and expressed that he wishes all the new students to grow up in this world full of freedom.



Following Mr. Shen’s talk, student representative Yao Yue gave a speech, in which she reflected on her past university time, and reminded new students to value their precious times, join university activities and pay attention to all-around development. Postgraduate student Wang Bin is an excellent student with rich research achievements. He shared his result and experience, hoping to encourage new students to find their areas of research.





At last, the opening ceremony ended in the solemn school song.

New joiners of BNUBS mark a new journey and new energy of Business School. Let’s create the new semester and future together!