BNUBS 2017 MBA Program Opening Ceremony and Introduction Meeting
Time :2017-09-13

On 3rd September, 2017, BNUBS 2017 MBA Program opening ceremony and introduction was successfully held. Dean of BNUBS Mr. Lai Desheng, Secretary of Party Committee Mr. Sun Zhijun, Vice-secretary Mr. Ge Yuliang, Associate Dean Mr. Zhang Pingdan and Mr. Cui Xuegang, together with teachers and staffs from BNUBS and MBA Education Centre, and all 2017 MBA new students attended the opening ceremony. President of Eve Enterprise Group Ms. Xiahua also presented at the ceremony as a special guest.


The MBA Centre of BNU carries the mission of promoting business and culture to serve the nation and the world by creating knowledge and developing talents. This year, 307 MBA students from all walks of life were enrolled by BNUBS. In the coming two years, they will be studying at BNU on 6 different orientations, including Business Management, Company Finance, Management Consulting, Human Resource Management and Applied Psychology, Educational Operation and Management, Cultural Creative Industry Management.


The opening ceremony is hosted by Mr. Sun Zhijun, and began after the solemn national anthem. First of all, Dean Mr. Lai Desheng delivered remarks and extended heartfelt welcome and congratulations to MBA new students. He continued with introducing the origin of MBA Education, the development of MBA Education in China and in BNU. Since the establishment of MBA Education at BNU in 2007, our educational level and quality was widely recognized by our peers. Mr. Lai gave 3 pieces of advice to the students: 1. He wishes all students to have good visions and be visionary; 2. He wishes all students to become both good masters and good models to others; 3. He hopes all students to have dreams in mind while carry on practice. At last, he wished everyone’s dream come true through practice, and each person should write down a remarkable chapter in their lives.

After that, teacher representatives delivered their speeches respectively. Mr. Li shared his MBA study at Renmin University of China Business School, and offered students useful advice.


Ms. Xia Hua, leader in China’s apparel industry, presented a speech on “New Retail Industry in the era of Industry Upgrading” that addressed the topics from industrial internet era to industrial intelligence era, from enterprise innovation mode to entrepreneur’s mindset mode. Her excellent speech received a warm round of applause, and benefited teachers and students greatly.


Student representative Lu Jun from 2016 MBA and Li Sile from 2017 MBA gave remarks on behalf of their peers. Lu concluded five advise for new joiners in his talk which are integrity, diligence, helpful, inclusiveness and belief. Li expressed his excitement of getting back to campus life. He felt proud and responsible, and is looking forward to future study!

Lastly, the opening ceremony ended in the rhythm of BNU school song.

After a short break, deputy director of MBA Centre Mr. Zhou Jianghua hosted the introduction meeting for new joiners. Mr. Zhou introduced BNU MBA Program, and Miss Zhang Xuan, Secretary of Youth League Committee listed the requirements for students. Finally, all the teachers and staffs in the MBA Centre gave self-introductions respectively and explained in great details about course study, student affairs, international exchange, degree and thesis, and career development.


BNUBS 2017 MBA Program opening ceremony and introduction meeting ended in a full success!