Vice-principal of University of Koblenz - Landau visited BNUBS
Time :2017-09-05


On 4th September, Prof. Harald Von Korflesch, vice-principal of University of Koblenz · Landau in Germany and founder of ZIFET, and researcher Mr. André Schneider, together with a Chinese representative Dr. Lu Alan visited BNUBS. Mr. Zhang Pingdan, Associate Dean of BNUBS greeted the guests, Prof. Cai Hongbo, Assistant to the Dean of BNUBS and Miss. Shang Yihong from BNUBS Office of International Exchange and Cooperation joined the meeting.


Mr. Zhang Pingdan extended warm welcome to Vice-principal Harald Von Korflesch and other guests for their visit. Mr. Zhang introduced BNUBS, particularly emphasized the recent development of BNUBS on faculty exchange, student exchange and international research platform. Harald Von Korflesch expressed his delightfulness for setting foot on the campus of BNU as his first visit in Beijing. He later introduced University of Koblenz · Landau, and the framework and operation of ZIFET. Both sides conducted an in-depth discussion on the double-master degree program and the short-term summer school program, and hope to seize this precious opportunity to promote cooperation and exchange between both sides, provide benefits for teachers and students of both universities.


Founded in 1990, University of Koblenz · Landau was one of the youngest universities in Germany with two campuses, locating at Koblenz and Landau respectively. The university of Koblenz · Landau used to be a normal university, and later changed into a comprehensive university in 1990 by adding majors of computer science and psychology to its previous subjects of education, natural sciences and humanity studies. Among all subjects, education is the advantageous major.