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CAI Hongbo

CAI Hongbo  Ph.D. of Economics, Asso. Professor
Native Place: Kaifeng Henan, P.R.China
Department of International Economics and Trade
Business School, Beijing Normal University
Beijing 100875, China
Tel: 010-5880 7847 ; Fax: 010-5880 1867
2004.9-2009.6 Xiamen University   Ph.D. in Economics

Australian National University, Research School of Economics at College of Business and Economics, Visiting PhD Student, Co-Supervisor: Martin Richardson
Fuzhou University   B.S.   in Economics, minor Information and Computing Science?
Work Experience
2015.11 Assistant Dean of Business School, Beijing Normal University


Director of Research Center of China's Free Trade Area, Beijing Normal University
Stanford University, Stanford Center of International Development, Visiting Researcher, Co-Professor: Nicholas Hope
Associate Professor of Business School, Beijing Normal University
University of Macerate, College of Law, Visiting Researcher, Co-Professor: Francesca Spigarelli
Vice-Director of Reseach Center of Climate Change and Trade, Beijing Normal University
Assistant Professor of Business School, Beijing Normal University
Research Interests
International Trade
Labour Economics
Environmental Economics
Courses TaughtInternational Trade (Undergraduate)
International Service Trade (Undergraduate)
International Economics (Postgraduate)

Professional Societies/Activities
Anonymous reviewers
Economic Modelling, Frontiers of Economics in China
The Journal of World Economy (in chinese)
The Journal of Quantitative & Technical Economics (in chinese)
China Economic Quarterly (in chinese)
Journal of Management Sciences in China etc.
Social Service/Work
  • Beijing Normal University  Assistant Dean of Business School
  • Beijing Normal University  Deputy Director of Research Center of Climate Change and Trade
  • Beijing Normal University  Director of Research Center of China’s Free Trade Area
Research Projects
  • National Natural Science Foundation Youth Project, Heterogeneous enterprise exports, labor skills upgrading and wage inequality, Item number71403024.
  • National Natural Science Foundation Youth Project, Regional carbon trading pattern selection and its economic effect analysis, Item number11CJY037.
  • Project of the Ministry of Education Humanities and social sciences research program, Foreign investment and wage gap in service industry, Item number14YJA790001.
  • Beijing Youth Project of philosophy and social science planning, Study on the influence of the separation of the job and the domicile on social development of Beijing, Item number13JGC059.
  • The Sino US cooperation project of World Resources Institute in Washington, A case study of Chinese enterprises overseas investment environment and social risk management.
  • Key project of the national statistical science research project of the National Bureau of Statistics, Conversion and distribution of carbon intensity index and emission quota: a case study of Bohai province and key industry, Item number2011LZ001.
  • China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese 2015-2017 annual general project, The influence of Chinese immigrant network on the export of Chinese Enterprises, Item number15BZQK231.
Honors and Awards
  • 2010 Beijing Normal UniversityFirst prize of Twelfth Young teachers’ Teaching Basic Skills competition
  • 2010 Beijing Normal University  Best syll Award of Twelfth Young teachers’ Teaching Basic Skills competition
  • 2011 Beijing Normal University  Outstanding Staff Award of Business School
  • 2012 Beijing Normal University  Outstanding Staff Award of Business School
  • 2012 Beijing Normal University  Li Yun Scholarship Fund,First prize of the Eleventh Outstanding Young Teachers Competition
  • 2013 Beijing Normal University  First prize of “Excellent People of BNU”
  • 2013 Beijing Normal University  Excellent class teacher of BNU in 2012
  • 2015 Beijing Normal University  Outstanding Award of the quality of the postgraduate courses from 2013 to 2014 in International Economics
• Main Journal Articles
  • YinghuaMeng, HongboCai and Jianzhong Huang, Research on the influence of the immigration network on the export performance of Chinese Enterprises, Management World, 2015, vol.10. (in Chinese)
  • Lei Wen, HongboCai and Hongbing Li, Does the financing restraint restrain the growth of the enterprise staff’s income, Journal of International Trade, 2015, vol.10.(in Chinese)
  • HongboCai, Duruo Liu and Mingzhi Zhang, Foreign direct investment and service industry wage gap——Empirical analysis based on the matching data of urban individuals and industries in China, Nankai Economic Studies, 2015, vol.4. (in Chinese)
  • Liang Qu, HongboCai, GuoliangRen and JinjinXue, An empirical study on the efficiency of fiscal decentralization and regional carbon emission reduction in China, Economic Geography,2015, vol.5. (in Chinese)
  • MengShen and HongboCai, The impact of the change of energy cost on the heterogeneity of industrial sectors, Journal of Nanjing University (Philosophy. Humanities. Social Sciences), 2014, vol.6. (in Chinese)
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  • Li,A., Zhang,A., Cai,H., Li,X., and Peng,S., How Large are the Impacts of Carbon-Motivated
  • Border Tax Adjustments on China and How to Mitigate Them? Energy Policy, 2013, Vol.63, pp.927-934.
  • Hongbing Li, HongboCai, Does the export opening expand the skill wage gap?——based on the survey data of urban households in China, Economic Management Journal, 2013, vol.11. (in Chinese)
  • GanshuZheng, HongboCai, CaiyuLuo, The path of China's realization of the power of trade -- Based on the Empirical analysis of competitiveness of international trade in China, Journal of International Trade, 2013, vol.11. (in Chinese)
  • Cai,H. and Yan,P., Does New Technology always Win? ——Analysis on Diffusion Route of New Technology and Related Factors, African Journal of Business Management, 2013, Vol.7(23).
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  • HongboCai, Outsourcing and labor productivity improvement -- Based on the data of China's industrial sectors, The Journal of Quantitative & Technical Economics, 2011, vol.1. (in Chinese)
• Books
  • HongboCai, 2013, International Service Trade (2ed edition), Beijing Normal University press. (in Chinese)
  • HongboCai, 2012, International Service Trade, Peking University press. (in Chinese)
  • HongboCai, 2011, Bilateral Free Trade Agreement:Theoretical Reconstruction and Empirical Research, Economic press China. (in Chinese)
• Working Papers
  • Xiaolei Liu, Xuefeng Cui and HongboCai, Projection of future pork consumption and its impact on grain production in China. (in Chinese)
  • HongboCai and EleonoraCutrini, An enquiry into the spatial distribution of foreign firms in China. (inChinese)
  • Hongbing Li, HongboCai and ChakrabortySuparna, Market Access, Spatial Externalities and the Wage Skill Premium. (in Chinese)
• Accepted Paper
  • Hongbing Li, HongboCai, Xiangbin Hu, How the financing constraints affect the export duration of Chinese enterprises? Statistical Research. (in Chinese)
  • HongboCai, YecanQian, Aijun Li, The wage spillover effect of foreign invested enterprises in domestic enterprises -- Based on the theory and empirical analysis of the Yangtze River Delta region, Journal of International Trade. (in Chinese)