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GAO Minghua

GAO Minghua Ph.D., Professor
Native Place: Shandong Province
Department of Strategic Management
Business School, Beijing Normal University
Beijing 100875, China
Tel: 010-58804194
1994.9-1997.6 Ph.D. in Economics Nankai University
1990.9-1993.6 Master in Economics Nankai University
1983.9-1987.7 Bachelor in Education Dezhou University & Qufu Normal University
Work Experience
2000.12 so far Beijing Normal University Director of the Center of Governance and Enterprise Development
2009.1-2013.3 Beijing Normal University Deputy Dean of Business School
2009.3-2010.7 Beijing Normal University Director of the MBA Education Center
2000.3-2000.12 International Finance Institute of China Associate Research Fellow
1998.1-2000.3 School of Economics, Peking University Postdoctoral
1993.6-1997.12 Economy Institute, Nankai University Research Assistant
Research Interests
Corporate governance
The theory of enterprise
The transformation of economy
Enterprise development strategy
Courses Taught
Industrial Organization (Undergraduate)
The Theory of Corporate Governance (Doctoral)
New Institutional Economics (Doctoral)
The Theory of Industrial Organization (Doctoral)
Corporate Governance and listing Corporation Specification (MBA)
Professional Societies/Activities
  • Xinhua news agency Special Economic Analyst
  • The political economy research center of Tsinghua University committee members
  • Institute of management of China Company of Nankai University committee members
  • Private Economy Research Center of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences committee members
  • China development and Reform Research Institute of CUFE Researcher
Honors and Awards
  • 2004.12 The first prize of the eighth Beijing municipal excellent achievements in philosophy and Social Science
  • 2005.10 The eleventh prize in Economic Sciences
  • Hundred talents project of Beijing
  • The national Ministry of education program for New Century Excellent Talents
  • 2015 “A group of four” project of Propaganda and cultural system in Beijing
Research Projects
  • The major program of the National Social Science Fund " the development of mixed ownership economy research ", Grant No. 14ZDA025, chief expert;
  • The key project of the National Social Science Fund "to further promote the strategic adjustment of state-owned economy, state-owned enterprises based on the study of the reform of classification perspective", Grant No. 12AZD059, chief expert;
  • The SPF project: "The Reform of China SOEs in View of Corporate Governance Regulation, chief expert;
  • West Ham District Metro Airport Project: "Metro Airport control mode and governance structure", the host;
  • The National 985 Project: "research" listing Corporation entrepreneur ability index Chinese, host;
  • The National 985 Project: "Chinese listing Corporation information disclosure index of" host ";
  • The National 985 Project: "research" listing Corporation executive compensation index China, host;
  • Fundamental research funds for the Central Universities special major project: "research of China Company governance index, host;
  • The Ministry of education program for New Century Excellent Talents: "management decision system" case company based on host;
  • The National Social Science Fund Project: "the ultimate property rights and expropriation and investor rights protection", Grant No. 09BJL023, host
• Main Journal Articles
  • Gao Minghua, “Ownership” of corporate governance and the development of mixed, Social Sciences in Tianjin, 2015 vol.5.
  • Du Wencui, Gao Minghua, The process of marketization, entrepreneurship and economic growth, Study on Economics and Management, 2015 vol.8.
  • Ke Xijia, Gao Minghua, Chen Yanhan, Institutional investors and Chinese listing Corporation governance effectiveness analysis based on the sequential game, Accounting Monthly, 2015 vol.8.
  • Cai Weixing, Gao Minghua, Li Guowen, Government support, credit availability and development of small and medium-sized enterprises decision-making, Research and Development Management, 2015 vol.5.
  • Su Ran, Gao Minghua, The perquisite consumption and corporate performance: the view of agency or efficiency view -- Based on the study of executive incentive perspective, Journal of Shenzhen University (HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES EDITION) 2015 vol.2.
  • Gao Minghua, Chinese listing Corporation voluntary disclosure index, The Report, 2015 vol.4.
  • Ke Xijia, Gao Minghua, Performance, the entrepreneur's ability and the cash dividend distribution, Friend of the Accountant, 2015 vol.8.
  • Gao Minghua, Du Wencui, The person in charge of the re-deconstruction of supervision system of state-owned enterprises: classification and stratification, Reform, 2014 vol.12.
  • Youchao Tan, Zhenmei Zhu, Cheng Zeng, Minghua Gao, Does external finance pressure affect corporate disclosure of Chinese non-state-owned enterprises? International Review of Financial Analysis, January 2014
  • Fang, F, Gao, M.H., Dong, W.J., 2013. How does Corporate Governance Affect Earnings Management in China? In the View of Financial Monitoring Economic Science, Vol.61, No.3, pp.15-33.
  • GAO Minghua, Marketization of Enterprises’, in Xiaoxi Li (ed.), Assessing the Extent of China’s Marketization, Ashgate,2006, pp.25-45.
  • GAO Minghua, Evaluation of the Degree of China’s Market Economy Development, in Xiaoxi Li (ed.), Assessing the Extent of China’s Marketization, Ashgate, 2006,pp.169-184.
  • Gao Minghua, Jinyun, Analysis of the factors affecting corporate hollowing -- Evidence from a Chinese Listed Companies in 1682, Study and Exploration", 2014 vol.10.
  • Gao Minghua, Fang Fang, The board of directors’ governance and financial governance effect -- Empirical Test and real earnings management activities, Research on Economics and Management, 2014 vol.8.
  • Gao Minghua, Governance assessment and policy recommendations of the listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen, Directors Association and the Reform Reference, 2014, Vol.14 (comprehensive).
  • Gao Minghua, The classification of state-owned enterprises reform must correspond to state owned regulatory classification, Frontline, 2014 vol.2.
• Accepted Papers
  • Protect the interests of small investors of state-owned listing Corporation, submitted to the State Council, the SASAC, January 2016
  • Classification and stratification" leaders of state-owned enterprises, written into the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on deepening the reform of state owned enterprises guidance, 2015
  • The new West Ham Airport Metro governance advisory report, submitted to West Ham CMC Metro Airport and put into practice, 2014
  • Beijing International Marathon investigation report (2007), submitted to General Administration of Sport Center, 2008;