Program Background

Course Description

Professors are from well-known universities at home and abroad, who have rich teaching and research experience in economics, business and other fields.

Lecture Catalogue

1.Entrepreneurship Wave in the Uncertainty of Economic Development

—— CAI Hongbo

2.The Technological Future of Identity: Distributed Identity

—— Erran Carmel

3.Economic Collaborations between China and African Countries

—— DAI Li

4.China and Global Business Cycles

—— Jarko Fidrmuc

5.New-type Urbanization and Regional Development in China

—— HUA Yue

6.Profit-maximisation Paradigm vis-a-vis the Longevity of Firms

—— Kimio Kase

7.Green Economy Transition: The Impact on the Labour Market

—— KUAI Wenjing

8.Doing Business in China--a cross cultural perspective

—— LIN Hua

9.Price Fluctuation in the Art Securitization Market under the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic

—— Ms. Jiaxin Suzie Liu, Dr. Bianca Araujo, Professor Ruth Rentschler, Dr. Boram Lee

10.Digital Transformation in China

—— SHU Yang

11.Regional Convergence in China

—— Kiril Tochkov

12.China’s RMB policies and the Rising House Prices

—— YEH Kuo-Chun

13.Monetary Policy of China

—— ZHANG Chengsi


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